Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Here Comes Green Bay...

So that Packers at home on Sunday.

But before that, let me clarify some things.

Nobody wants to see this team succeed more than I do. In my recent writings, it may seem different but it is not. I am just tired if this team not competing. Out roster is too far talented to not at least compete week in and week out. The way we lost to Buffalo and KC is unacceptable in my eyes. Ryan Tannehill is in his 3rd year, new offense or not, I will not accept mediocrity from him. With that being said, here is what I think on the Packers game:

This will be a shoot out. If you have a fantasy team, this week is not the week to start the Dolphin defense. Do I think Miami will win? Lose? I don't know but I do think Miami will have to score a lot of points to win, at least 30 points in my opinion.

Tannehill will have to hit a long ball to someone in order to win. It is no secret that all the defenders Miami faces cheats on the under and shorter routes because of the inability for Miami to hit the long ball. This has to happen in order to soften the Packer defense. They are not great but when you only have to defend against short yardage plays, it can make a mediocre defense look far better.

Miami will have to have to make that game changing play. Maybe a turnover, forced fumble, long kick return, blocked punt or FG, or anything like that. I don't see us playing a back and forth game without any of these plays and us defeating the Packers.

No busted coverages. This will be interesting with Reshad Jones coming back. The 2 long plays that GB had against the Vikings last week were not spectacular plays on Aaron Rodgers part, they were busted coverages by the defense. This cannot happen or our chances of winning are slim.

With that all being said, I don't expect Miami to win or lose. What I do expect is for them to Compete and give me a reason to not change the channel to watch the games of whoever is on my fantasy team. The Dolphins are far too talented to take another 19 point whooping like the Bills and Chiefs gave them.

Phins Up!!

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It is simple, every game where the dolphins scored over 30 points they won; under 30 points, they lost. This has to be their goal in every game of 30 points or more. We should also sign cb Patterson while he is available.

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"Tannehill will have to hit a long ball to someone in order to win."

When Wallace gets past the defense, Tannehill needs to be able to hit him for a long TD pass. This is the type of quick-strike play that can bring your team from behind or put away an opponent; it's an important part of an offense. I've seen many QBs (both young and experienced) make these throws, especially if the WR is wide open. But, for some reason Tannehill can't do it. If he can't start making these throws, then he needs to be replaced.

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I think Miami can win this game. You know this is an important game for Philbin, he probably had is circled when the schedule came out. And Philbin knows more about the Green Bay offense, then Green Bay knows about the Dolphins. There should be no excuse for Miami being unprepared.

As for talent - I think we match up well. Miami has the best combo of DL and CBs that Green Bay has seen since playing Seattle in week 1. And Green Bay got crushed that game. And Green Bay is dead last in run defense, and we know we can run.

Unless the players come out flat and make a lot of dumb mistakes, like with KC, then Dolphins should win this one.