Sunday, October 12, 2014

Heartbreaker Is Tough Pill To Swallow

6 seconds was all that was left.

Defend 14 yards of the field and walk away with a big win that you could hang your hat on and make a push towards the playoffs with.

But it was not to be.

Three things happened in the Packers last drive that made me believe this isn't going to work out.

#1: Ball at Miami 47 with Packers facing a 3rd and 9 with 1:44 left. Rodgers, while being sacked by Vernon and Wake, fumbles the ball.  For a very brief second it lies motionless with 2 dolphins closing but Packer OL Lang falls on it keeping the drive alive.  We were so close to only needing a couple of Victory formation kneel downs by Tannehill and a 3-2 record.

Damn it.

#2: The next play, the Packers are facing a 4th and 9.  Mike McCarthy has only 20 seconds to decide on a play and get it into Rodgers.  That is very stressful for even a veteran coach like Mike McCarthy. The clock runs down to 1:07 and we burn a time out.

I hate to second guess coaches. I agreed with Philbin for going for the Touchdown instead of the field goal when we had the ball at the Packer 1 yard line in the first half. Those 3 points could have come in handy but I also believe that the whole game would have been different with those 3 points on the board so we may have gotten blown out after that point.

What irks me is why would we want to give them more time to get their act together? I never agree with that strategy unless we absolutely do not have the right players in there for the defense we want to play. But it seems to me that we had everybody out there that we needed to be out there so why give McCarthy a breather?

Damn Philbin.

#3: The clock is running down after Rodgers hits Cobb down to our 16 yard line. Under 20 seconds left and Rodgers lines up to spike the ball. Instead he takes a huge chance and fakes the spike. He completes it to WR Adams and I am yelling "tackle him in bounds and the game is over". Nope he slips outside of Finnegan and gets forced out of bounds at the 4 yard line stopping the clock

Now I know Finnegan would take a huge chance himself to cut off the sideline, which most times is a cornerbacks friend, and force him inside to the middle of the field in hopes of either making the tackle or having someone else come up in pursuit and bring him down before crossing the goal line. If the tackle is made on the field this game is over. No way the officials get the ball set and the Packers get set and spike the ball in 6 seconds.

Damn luck.

Some day I will watch this game again and appreciate how exciting it was.

But for right now, I lost my appetite.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Packers had the superior QB. Tanny failed to protect a 4 pt lead.Hopefully Tanny learned something from this “gut wrenching” experience. End of discussion.


Gut wrenching is right Joe.

Can we get Tannehill over the hump and make a play to move the chains and seal a victory?


Hard for Tanny to protect the lead when they run a draw on third and long.

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Not to Mention KNick he had Wallace matched one on one with a backup CB. How do you not try to win the game with Tannehill to Wallce vs run Moreno on 3rd and long. Baffles me


I hear ya gofins4sb. You pay Wallace a bundle. Quick slant ends it.

Philbin can talk all he wants about a lack of execution but you have to call sensible plays that the players believe in and are vested in. Plus they ran Moreno into the teeth of a blitz on the left side.