Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Has The Light Come On For Tannehill?

Everyone is waiting for Ryan Tannehill to put together 6 or 7 straight games with good numbers.

We have seen him so hot and cold that we wonder what we will get from game to game.

We probably still are wondering but the last 6 quarters look pretty darn good.

Since halftime of the Green Bay game Tannehill has produced the following:

424 Passing Yards
37 completions on 47 attempts for a 78.7 Completion Percentage
4 TD Passes
0 Interceptions
132.6 QB Rating
88 Rushing Yards

Those are great numbers for any quarterback in the league.

But can he sustain them?

Time will tell if this is just a flicker of hope or a true guiding light.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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He's doing a great job managing the game. I'm not sold on him yet. Like you said, I'm waiting for 6 or 7 straight games and a hope that he will develop more accuracy with the long ball.


Oh!!! And let's hope they beat the Jags!!! They have a habit of losing to teams that they should blow out!!


That's exactly why his numbers are much better, Hector.

Lazor has avoided calling for deep shots. Tannehill is so inconsistent with the deep ball and has been under throwing those routes into interceptions.

I couldn't care less if he hits another deep ball this season as long as we win and hopefully bring home the Lombardi Trophy!


Hector, if we come out fired up, we will win.

Our Defense is one of the best in the league and our O Line is so much better than last year. I think Tannehill is so much more comfortable with the offense and he has a lot more confidence in the O Line to protect him.


He has also been running a lot more which is helping ease the pressure off the pass rush because defenses must respect the fact that he could always take off and run

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After reading Carl's post(very good) the thought of Tanny running against Chicago is the same conclusion I came to. There's no doubt he is intelligent and also seems to have a pretty high football IQ; being able to switch from QB to WR(to continue being on the field; he's a team player) and then back to QB & be drafted in the 1st Round of the NFL as a starting QB. Leading to....
If the Dolphins continue with the read option I hope Tanny is smart with his runs!! Slide, get out of bounds, get down PERIOD when defenders are closing in. Live to play another series, quarter, day, game. Don't bring out the "John Elway Helicopter" until you're in that game or close to it!!
Just for saying this I need to set out the condiments. I don't care, other than I wrote so much & if the Dolphins do continue winning, I am going to be one fat SOB!

I think Carl is looking into past weeks & where ever I rambled on being a professional "arm chair QB," he is writing Posts that cause me to eat more & more paper(my words!!!) Winning is FUN!


And his movement in the pocket is (IMHO) the key..because any pressure he seems to hold on the ball to long and either take sacks or throw interceptions


I'm not sure any lights have come on for Tannehill. I don't wanna take antything away from his performance against Chicago because it was a STELLAR one, but as you stated Carl, I need more consistency from him. He needs to be that QB that teams' game plan is to have long, time consuming drives to keep off the field, (i.e P. Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Brees), I am not sure he is there yet but the Chicago game was a good start.


Most of his running has been with the read option which is called in the huddle.

The O Line is leaps and bounds above last year's unit.

KNick, I write about how I feel as a Dolfan.