Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween AND the Dolphins

Seeing as its Halloween today, and the Dolphins play the Chargers this weekend,. you'll find me at the Dolphins game dressed as Manti Te'o's girlfriend!  Come look for me.

And no, that joke never gets old!

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LOL. Good one.

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Hey, some jokes do get old dang it! I am from Indiana and I am going to point out several reasons why this joke is getting old:
1)...I am from Indi..oh, crap. Still:
2) Notre Dame is in Indiana!!
3) I have proof Manti Te'o did well on the Vunderlicken Testas.
4) I am f...........Notre Dame takes extra precautions when filming their practices.
5) Well...maybe, ....What year did this happen? OK, it's not old.
6) Will you be wearing high heels; and if so, where can you get men's sizes??