Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Could Thursday Night's Game Become A Distraction?

As a football fan, you can't help but get excited about Thursday night's matchup, the Broncos hosting the Chargers.

Philip Rivers invading Peyton Manning's turf.

Talk about fireworks at a stadium.  This could be a classic shoot out.

Who isn't going to be glued to their TV?

Fans and players alike should be tuned in.

Most players and coaches throughout the league don't have to worry about losing focus on their next opponents come Sunday.

Most don't face either the Chargers or Broncos next week.

Most aren't 5 1/2 point road favorites this week.

But we are!

Will the Dolphins roll into practice on Friday yapping about Thursday night's game?

Will the immediate discussions be about an opponent 10 days down the road with another just waiting to trap them?

Human nature comes into play here.  So if I were Philbin, I would be in that locker room Friday morning as the players are walking in, talking about the Jags and what we absolutely must do to beat them.

Nip it in the bud, so to say.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
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Good article & better question,(human nature)!
I agree 100% about Philbin being in LR Friday am as players come in! Problem for me & my opinion is, this happens to be the largest area I feel Philbin lacks...or doesn't have. If he does, I've never seen it. Being inspiring; getting players fired-up and ready to tackle the situation right in front of them!!


He is growing KNick.

If you saw his locker room speeches from his first year and a half, he worked off of 5 x 8 cards.

He now has confidence in what he wants to say and doesn't need the crutch of notes which makes his speeches much more genuine and sincere.

I think he is starting to find his footing in the locker room but he is old school and believes that the locker room is the player's turf and should be managed by the captains.

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I wasn't aware of that! I see your point clearly. Thanks!