Friday, October 24, 2014

Captain charisma strikes again

I was home yesterday afternoon and was flipping around the old tv dial. I settled into nfl insiders on espn and mostly it was entertaining.

Then I saw they had Philbin coming up.

And. Oh. My. God. He is coma inducing. He started talking and I actually found myself nodding off.

Between his demeanor and coach speak it was so uninspiring.

I guess "captain charisma" fits.

Just saying.
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He's not an entertainer. Rent a movie if thats what your needing or get your self a life coach if you need the Miami Dolphins football coach to inspire you. Sounds like you have other issues.


You're kidding right? The nfl is all about entertainment. That's why there are shows like insiders. If he can't represent the franchise then why is he there?


Come on Dave!! You dont buy a ticket to the movies to actually watch the movie! Its all about the $8.00 soda! Everyone knows that!!


honestly, if he wins, i don't care if he is the living dead. would be nice to have the polish but i will take W's.


Not the $8 soda! It's the $4 jujubees!


See therein lies the problem for me. It's not about wins. I would much rather have Rob Ryan as the coach. I mean net-net his w/l would probably be about the same. But he would be fun. And twice a year against his brother? And to have bellichick react to seeing a Ryan 4x a year? Priceless!


Come on Dave a lot of people feel that is lack of anxiety attacks is an asset. Like most sport psychologist would tell you, "don't let your highs get to high and your lows get to low". Tony Dungy wasn't exactly "Captain Charisma" either and look at his success and done it with class! What do you want? A Dennis Green, "we let them off the hook" meltdown?

Another thing while we are critiquing people, why don't you start reporting off of facts instead of what some other journalist from the Mayberry Post wrote? (ex. "Dion Jordan reinstated early due to new NFL banned substance policies) Geez


You're a reporter Dave!? Since when!?


Wow Dave, you struck a few nerves.

Better look out the window before you head to your car.

The NFL is all about entertainment. They changed the rules to increase scoring - entertainment.... fantasy football - entertainment.... NFL network - entertainment.

If it was only about football, we would still have 3 yards and a cloud of dust plus allow anyone to get crushed anywhere on the field.


Sure. I'm. "reporter" as in someone working for an accredited media outlet on deadlines. And I get paid. Yeah, I don't think so. And for the record, I never reported dion Jordan was being reinstated. Because I don't even know who that is (that's said jokingly). Or because I had no clue he was reinstated (that's true).

I'll have to check my tires for ice picks stuck in them I guess. I am not a fan of philbins. Never have been. Never will be.

Carl thanks for backing me up on the entertainment aspect. ;)

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Cam Cameron had more charisma than Philbin.

Here's to hoping the 49ers are stupid as the rumors sound and fire Jim Harbaugh at the end of the season. Think of the entertainment potential of a Harbaugh/Bellichick or Harbaugh/Ryan handshake twice a year.


It's entertainment, but if being entertained is more important than winning, then I'm sorry but you're not a real fan to me. Maybe an NFL fan, but not a Dolphins fan. I've been waiting for decades to see this team make it to a superbowl and I'd rather have a boring coach and see that happen than have an "entertaining" coach and die before they ever get to another superbowl.

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A big part of coaching is theater. Head coaches have to get the players to believe in them. I can't imagine how a guy with little charisma, who gives his team speeches from index cards, can win over the team.

Philbin isn't the X&O guy. He's not great at game management. And maybe its different for players than fans, but Philbin doesn't seem like much of a motivator either. So what is he - a CEO coach? Balderdash.

Admittedly, there can be some value in having the team's leader remain level headed, but this is pro football. The name of the game is essentially a lot of large dudes beating up on another group of large dudes. It seems that motivation through emotion would trump level headed when it comes to winning.

This team seems good enough to at least make the playoffs, and perhaps win a game when it gets there. If Philbin doesn't get that far then we need a change here. Maybe not a radical change - let Hickey hire a replacement and try to keep Lazor if we can, but I'm not sure Philbin is the guy who can take this team to the next level.


Philbin just doesn't have "It."

Never has, never will.

It's innate.

Don't quite know how to define "It," but Phibin just doesn't have "it."
Bill Belicheck is mellow and moody, soft-spoken and grumpy, but he has "it."

We all know "it" when we see "it."

Philbin doesn't have "it."

Case closed.

Don't need a guy--H.C., being over the top just for the sake of it either--just need a guy with "it."

Like the saying goes, "I know it when I see it!"

Besides, I'd be willing to bet the farm that our Offensive play-calling and success as of late has to do more with Phibin NOT over-riding Lazor on play-calling (like he did against Buffalo end first half/ and Green Bay end of game) than anything else.

Lazor will be our next H.C., and probably before the season is done.

Sad to see a guy with Moreno's potential be lost for the season, like Keller last year, and probably lost forever as far as the Dolphins are concerned, but he (Moreno) obviously set a fire under both Miller's and Thomas' butt for sure.

I guess, after all, I'm obvioulsy on the "Fire Philbin Bandwagon."
Sorry--the guy is more a hindrance then a help in my opinion.
Terrible game and clock manager in crucial situations.

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@Steve Blazo Photo...
".....clock management in crucial situations," I agree, we need to get rid of him but just like Sparano, you know deep down they are good men. Like finding the top 32 men in the US that can succeed as an NFL QB.
OK, I'm going way out of turn, but it does matter. We have 10 games left. 5-6 playoff teams and the other 3-4. Other then going into Denver, I think 2 of our toughest games will be against the Jets. Why? Because of Rex Ryan! Personally, I think that is what Dave could have meant? There season is done. But because of him, they're gonna play like 1 more victory secures them a playoff spot. I've been told that Philbin respects the Locker room & see's that as the players'. OK I'll give that. But then Philbin needs to find some area to create his own coaching niche! Not copy Belichick. It is entertainment!!!!! At the same time, you are given the opportunity to be different; surprise the other teams; BE A LEADER, with your own style!