Sunday, October 19, 2014

An Interesting Statistic...

Tannehill's passer rating for the day was 123.6. That is why it is not a shocker that the Phins won today. In Tannehill's time as the Phins QB they are 1 game away from being undefeated when his rating is above 90! ONE GAME AWAY FROM PERFECT! That includes when Mike Sherman was the O-coordinator.

What about when Tannehill's ratting is below 90? I will have to verify this but I think they are something like 4-12. So I think it's pretty safe to say that Tannehill's play is the key to victory or defeat.

It was an impressive win against the Bears and I expect them to continue where they left off next week against Jacksonville.

The really impressive thing will be if they can play this way against the Chargers. I honestly don't know if they can or not. I do know that it will be on Tannehill whether we win or lose.

After such a FANTASTIC showing today, don't screw it up in the next few weeks Ryan...

Phins Up!
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This is no surprise. In general, most teams win when the QB goes over 90. And for QB to get a 90+ rating, a lot of things have to go right besides the QB: Protection, WR have to get open and catch the ball, the opposing defense must be respecting the run.

Not to say the QB isn't important, but the rest of the team playing well makes a difference.