Thursday, September 04, 2014

What It All Boils Down To

Bill Belichick should be worried. We have a good team.

Bill Belichick should poach our roster. We have a talented team that has gotten deeper.

Bill Belichick should look for an edge. He may very well need it.

No matter what Bill Belichick does or attempts to do, Sunday's game at Miami boils down to one thing and one thing only.


He who blocks better, runs better, tackles better, passes better, catches better and kicks better will win.

And most importantly, will have a 2 game edge in the standings.

Bill Belichick is like the older brother who sees his younger sibling growing up and doesn't like the competitive edge he once had.

No. The gap, which was once wide, is now closing.

Bill Belichick knows it!

With 3 games left last season, Belichick came to Miami with a chance to put a dagger in his younger brother's heart and clinch the division.

Instead, he walked away with a tough loss that left his younger brother with plenty of hope.

With 2 games left last season, his upstart younger brother had a shot at winning the division.

Bill Belichick's antics matter. They show how far his kid brother has come.

And the last thing this older brother wants is to lose sight of his younger brother in his rear view mirror and have to see him out front and running away.

That's what Sunday's game is all about!

Phins Up!

Carl Leone
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Your right Carl who ever executes and plays the whole 60 minutes wil win. And just like a younger brother who has been pushed around and dominated for a long time, it's hard to get that mental block out of your head and realize you are as good or better than your brother. The Phins must do just that "Go Phins". Phins up......


I realize that the first game of the year shouldn't define the entire season, but IMO if Miami wants to be successful this year they MUST win this game!


Hopefully they will Patrick.
Thanks for reading.


I think Miami could lose both games to New England and still get into the playoffs and have a successful season. BUT if we win this game, it will start a lot of talk about a changing of the guard and is New England slipping, etc.

With that in mind sratrocker60 (Whom I assume plays a Stratocaster), this game may actually be bigger for NE than anyone wants to admit.

Thanks for reading.

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Phins Up! KNick


Didn't want to write a whole new blod just to say GOOD FOR DENNIS HICKEY! He has claimed a defensive tackle waived by the PATRIOTS!! I agree with your comment Carl, we can still get in the playoffs and have a good season even if we lose Sunday but I am happy with the "There Is A New Sherriff In Town And We Ain't Gonna Take Your Crap" message that Hickey sent to Belichick by claiming one of theor players!!

Phins Up!!!!!!!


Good for Dennis Hickey!!!

And I like your comment Lawrence.