Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Week 3: Chiefs AT Dolphins Predictions

This weekend’s matchup between the Dolphins and the Chiefs is an interesting one.

It really comes down to a few key questions that we as fans should get answered this Sunday.

How does Tannehill respond to his struggles in the first 2 games? Does he come out with yet another borderline mediocre performance? Does he do worse? Better? As a fan, I can only hope that he lights it up against a weak Chiefs secondary. This will go way beyond just winning or losing the game, it may show us if he is the answer at QB or not. It’s time to step up Ryan…

It is certain that Jamaal Charles will at the very least, be limited if not ruled out altogether with a high ankle sprain. This leaves us to deal with Knile Davis. Don’t get me wrong, he would be a starter on the Dolphins if he was here so he is no pushover but it should be an easier task defending him as opposed to Jamaal Charles. As for our secondary, we should have no problem covering their wide outs, but then again, that is what I said about Buffalo.

The two things that will ultimately decide this game is, can Tannehill EXECUTE? Can he be accurate? And can our coaching staff come up with a defensive game plan to stop a less than stellar Chiefs offense? These will be what decides the outcome of this game. There is not one side of the ball that the Dolphins do not have more talent than the Chiefs.

I know I picked the Dolphins to lose this game in my preseason predictions but that was before I know Jamaal Charles would be limited or ruled out because of an injury. Dolphins win this one 24-13.

I believe that Lamar Miller starts the game but Damien Williams has a better showing.

Ryan Tannehill throws 2 TDs and 1 INT.

Mike Wallace catches 1 of those TD passes.

Our defense sacks Alex Smith at least 2 times.

It will be interesting to watch this game Sunday with all the pressure that is mounting on the coaches and QB. I hope they come out & prove all the critics, me included, wrong. Thanks for reading!!

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We should win Lawrence. Tannehill will rebound as we will be able to run the ball more effectively than last week.

I think we run away early and hang on 31-20