Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week 2: Dolphins AT Bills Predictions

I really enjoyed predicting the outcome and the keys to the game of the week one matchup against the Patriots. I am proud to boast that I got a lot of things correct with only a few things wrong but most importantly, I predicted the correct winner! Here are my thoughts and predictions for week 2 against the Bills...

Miami wins this one 27-13. 

I know our linebackers are banged up, hell, none of the starters may even play but we have one good thing going for us right now, we know the Bills are going to try and run the ball over and over again. This is huge for Miami. I expect them to stack the box with Louis Delmas to help stop the 2 headed monster in CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson. Delmas plays like a linebacker in there so that is good news for us. We must tackle this week or it could get ugly. 

Another thing I would say the coaches are pushing for with this strategy is to make EJ Manuel beat us with his arm. We have a pretty darn good secondary and the best Buffalo receiver is a banged up rookie, Sammy Watkins. As mentioned, if we can tackle, this may be a long day for the Buffalo offense. The advantage when Miami is on defense definitely goes to the Dolphins.

Now, onto the interesting part, Buffalo's defense against Miami's offense. I don't see Miami rushing for 191 yards like it did last week. Buffalo's front 7 are way too good. What I do see is a lot of quick releases, a lot of screens, a lot of "extended handoffs" like shotgun quick pitches and things of that sort. All of this is for the sole purpose of slowing down that Buffalo pass rush. We finally have an offensive coordinator that can influence a defense with just his play calling! I believe Lazor can and will make that happen. 

I see Tannehill throwing for 300+ yards and 2 TDs with no more than 1 INT, if any at all! Mike Wallace has a big day, 80+ yards receiving with 1 TD. He is the most targeted receiver by Tannehill and he will continue that against the Bills who have a corner with a strained hamstring. Dare I say that Tannehill and Wallace will connect on a deep ball of at least 40 yards!? I know some of you don't see it but I have a funny feeling about it this weekend. If it wasn't for the Buffalo front 7, I would say Miami definitely has the advantage, BUT, the fact is that they exist and are pretty darn good. Miami has a hell of a lot weapons to account for though. The advantage when Miami is on offense lies in the trenches, our overhauled offensive line against the Bills front 7. The advantage will be to whoever wins the battle at the line of scrimmage. Tough one to call!

I won't be tuning in for most of the game but I hope to catch at least the 4th quarter! 

I hope you all enjoy the game and hopefully we can talk about a 2-0 start on here next week!

Phins Up!

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As obvious as it seems I think this game comes down to scoring points. If we can force Buffalo out of a ball control offense we an huge advantage. They want Cam Wake, O Vernon, Jason Trusnik etc trying to stop CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson. As well as we played against New England I don't know if we can hold down their running attack all game. If we can grab a 10 point or more lead by the 2nd half it will start to make them uncomfortable to keep running and really play into our hand.I don't think they have the personal to go 3 or 4 wide. The Bills are like the Tony Sporano Dolphins. Solid front 7, hard to run on, ball control offense to keep the game tight.


I know people ripped the coaching last year for the 2nd loss against Buffalo. But what were they really going to do? Buffalo was able to rush the passer with 4 lineman. They just had their linebackers set back. The wind was horrible making it very hard to pass anything down the field. Looks like this game will be calm and we have a much much better O-Line. If we are getting the ball out fast and Tannehill is reading the matchups we can basically turn their strong interior into nothing but bystanders. I am pumped to see Lazer attack them. No more Sporano slamming Reggie Bush into all pro D tackles. and no more Mike Sherman giving them the snap count


Very good point on tackling, Lawrence. Those scat backs can be very elusive so we need to tie them up quickly.

I think our back up linebackers will have a good game. They are quicker than our starters so they will matchup well against their scat backs. This will be a blessing in disguise.

As you wrote, Lawrence, Tannehill will have a big day. I agree, gofins4sb, Lazor will call an Outside In game plan and spread them out to open up some running lanes for Moreno/Miller.

I agree that Tannehill will connect on a deep one. But I think it will go to Hartline instead of Wallace. The Bills will roll coverage to Wallace, leaving Hartline one on one.

Our defense will do fine as long as they tackle well. We should win the turnover battle.

The only 2 issues that I see that can beat us is Field Position and the Bills getting to Tannehill. The Bills will need both to happen to beat us.

I think Tannehill stays upright and we go on to win 31-10 in a very boring game for Bills fans.

This game will be very boring for Bills fans.


Sorry to ruin the party but the game will be long for the Dolphins rather than the Bills and here is why, anyone who follows the Dolphins knows that this is where they fall apart ( remember last year after we beat the Pats, all we needed to do is win ONE game well we all know how that ended) what has changed? I know, new this and new that, we beat the Pats last week etc. etc. etc. If I sound jaded it is because I am so used this team underachieving that that is the norm, so until they show me something different then nothing has changed. Judging by last weeks game we (the Dolphins) should have no problem beating the Bills tomorrow, by the way all the 'experts are predicting the Bills to win, and why not we have not proved anything to anyone yet, now on the other hand if we beat the Bills like we did the Pats then the 'experts will have to take this team seriously, myself included.


ANNNNNNDDDD......say it with me.....SAME OLD DOLPHINS. That was quite possibly the most pathetic thing I've ever had to watch. Possibly worse than last years 19-0 shutout. There was absolutely not one excuse to lose that game, Moreno or no Moreno. I don't care if it was on the road. I don't care about the injuries. I. DON'T. CARE. Why did they pass the ball over 40 times? Miller was averaging over 4 yards per carry. WHERE WAS THE O-LINE???? 4 sacks????? That looked like they literally didn't improve at all. And the defensive have absolutely GOT to be kidding me. The bills threw all over the fins. That is exactly what they WEREN'T supposed to be able to do against us. I am sick to my stomach right now. I wanted to believe...and once again I've been let down. If you can't beat the Bills you don't deserve to be in the playoffs. Miami BETTER pull their heads out of know.....and beat the Bills at home....DECISIVELY. I don't care if Miami goes 14-2, if they get swept by the Bills again then I have no faith left. That was an ATROCITY to watch. I haven't been this mad at them since....oh...well it's only been since week 17 of last year.


Okay so I'm just really mad right now. I'll never give up on this team but sometimes I wish I could.


If this team is supposed to be a playoff team, they should have beat the bills. PERIOD!


Philbin lost faith in his offense at the end of the first half and chose not to let them try at score with 2 minutes left and the ball, only down by 9. Instead he ran the clock out. The players knew their coach lost faith and went into halftime with no confidence. If I had to put the blame on any one person, it's the coach, and if this is how he's going to call plays then we need someone else. I've been a huge advocate of Philbin and I've always thought he deserved to be given the benefit of a doubt, but if Miami doesn't make the playoffs this year then I'll officially say he's had his fair chance and didn't get it done.