Tuesday, September 30, 2014

To quote Don Shula "We need some help"

Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) tweeted at 2:41 PM on Tue, Sep 30, 2014:
The Patriots have three big things working in their favor: 1. The Bills. 2. The Jets. 3. The Dolphins. http://t.co/BwCryS0nfs

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Are we better than the Patriots?
Maybe so as they have some big issues with their O line now.
This division is far from a lock for them. But one of us has to step up and win 10 games or more to challenge them.


Its funny, but with 25% of the season in the books, nearly every division is pretty much wide open. Except for a couple of teams (the Jags and Raiders come to mind), everyone still has a decent chance of winning their division.

Thanks, parity!


I think you should have quoted Rodney Daingerfield instead.

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Nate Silver obviously missed week 1.

Silver is a stat guy, right? Just looking at the stats, it is hard to figure out why the Jets are 1-3. They are ranked 11th in offense and 3rd in defense. Rather than make a flippant post that insulted three cities, you think he could explain why the Jets always suck.

Regardless, Silver is just wrong. The Jets are the only team in this division that is primed to fold. With Rex on the hot seat, if they lose one of their next two games, that team will go into complete disarray. And that will be sweet to watch.

But the Phins and Bills are both considerably better teams than the recent past and will be duking it out all season. If the Patriots don't turn it around soon, they are in big trouble this season.

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