Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This week's observation

Miami had a big day against the Raiders, and got almost "no love" from the media. In fact, other than mentioning the score, I don't think it made the major sports networks cycle. They were more interested in some of the other games (as well as baseball).

In the local media, it was sort of a cautious "yeah but it was the Raiders...."
Today we learned that the Raider coach was fired in small part because of the loss, and in large part because it was part of a 10-game losing streak.  And that started to dominate the sports sites...

And speculation starts on who the next coach is...and it looks like it will be...Tony Sparano!

Talk about taking what could have been a nice victory and several small stories from it, and turning it into something else. 

The Sparano angle just made me laugh...

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I doubt they keep Sparano long term unless they win a bunch of games.

Like I said, I doubt they keep him long term.


Surely you are right. But I look forward to a few fist pumps for field goals!


You're right, no love from the media. We pound the Patriots and what do the "talking heads" in the media say? "The Patriots played so poorly" We throttle the Raiders (who almost beat the Pats last week, by the way), and they say, "Well, it was just the Raiders." You're supposed to beat a team like the Raiders, but we sure can't get any love for having done so.


I saw a little bit of Sparano in Philbin recently. To wit: having possession of the ball with time on the clock toward the end of the 1st half, and we run the ball (poorly I might add) with no real sense of urgency. Think back to the glory days of the Manning-led Colts. They would have been trying everything in the playbook to try to put SOME points on the board before halftime.


Imagine actually *trying* to score points!


To add to the week of Irony the Bills announced Kyle Orton is starting. Do you guys recall when the fans were pushing the Dolphins to sign him as our starter?