Wednesday, September 03, 2014

This Is just Getting Ridiculous

So I decided to take a break and catch up on my Dolphins news for the day and what do I see?? The Patriots have now signed Marcus Thigpen to their practice squad!! That makes 2 ex Dolphins that Bill Belichick has signed.

As discussed in the last blog, why is it that you think Belichick is doing this? I personally believe he is very worried about the game this weekend. He has very little game tape of our offense so he is trying to gain whatever advantage he can to try and game plan for us. As GoFins4SB pointed out, we have nothing to lose in this game, we are already expected to lose and have a mediocre season again. All the pressure is on the Patriots to win this game and all these shenanigans that Belichick is pulling makes me both upset and excited at the same time!!!

I am upset because it is obvious that he is only trying to gain an edge against us but on the other hand I am excited because it tells me that he is extremely worried about playing us on Sunday.

He also pulled some crap saying that "There has been no decision on Gronkowski's status this Sunday", that statement came just hours after Gronk declared that he was going to play!!! What a crock of crap he is trying to pull!!

In my opinion, regardless of what other crap Belichick tries to pull, whatever games he thinks he is playing, whatever advantage he thinks he may have, we have won this head game and it’s not even close. Think about it, all our coaches & players have already publicly stated that they planned on having to defend Gronk Sunday, so who exactly does Belichick think he is fooling? Possibly Gronk? LOL

As for the whole signing of players we have cut, well, if he has to try and gain information from our ex players then we are already in his head. Maybe he is believing in the hype the Dolphins have gotten this offseason or maybe his team has not looked as good as in years past? Why the paranoia?? There has to be a reason for it. Many NFL coaches and GM's say that Belichick is a master at manipulating his depth charts and constantly keeps opponents guessing as to what to expect from his team but from where I am sitting, so far in the 2014 season the score for the head games is Miami-1 and New England-0!!!!

Phins Up!!!
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Belichick loves to play those head games. I'm surprised Brady isn't on his injury report. The story goes that Belichick was fined by the NFL a long time ago for not putting the right people on the IR report, so now he just everyone on it that has a bruise. Gronk will play Sunday.