Saturday, September 13, 2014

The NFLs image problem

It's certainly not the NFLs fault that Ray Rice hit a woman. Nor is it their fault that Adrian Peterson "whooped" his son.

But the fact is that these are grown men who work for the same employer. And that employer needs to help these grown men to act like actual men, and not like dumb jocks.

And how Roger Goodell responds to the Peterson case will tell us if he has grown at all. Yes, Peterson won't play this weekend. But why hasn't there be the same sort of knee jerk there was with Rice? Why not terminate his contract and suspend him indefinitely? Because there's no video?

Are they going to "let the legal process play out"?

After what happened with Rice, this could turn the public on the NFL.
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The answer is for Goddell to step down.


I agree linear. The NFL needs new leadership.