Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Start Matt Moore?

During the preseason, I was one of the people who suggested the Fins start Matt Moore.

That obviously was not going to happen because Tannehill is their guy.

And now here it is about 3 weeks later, and we hear reports that the team may actually be considering a switch?  What gives here?

Yes, I still think Moore is better.  But this isn't about who's better, and its not about who helps the team the most.  Crikey, its been 3 weeks.  Other than Tannehill playing poorly again, nothing else has changed.

If Tannehill was your guy 3 weeks ago, you should say that he's still your guy now (at least to the media, even if you don't believe it).  Is he giving in to media pressure?  Is he waffling? 

We also hear reports that players are pissed about the defensive scheme the team ran last week.  Sure, players sometimes get ticked off at coaches, but you don't typically hear about it quite that loudly.

These are all the things that happen when a coach has lost control of his team.  Has Philbin lost control?

So yeah, go ahead and start Matt Moore.  Maybe you win a few more games.  But you divide the locker room, and you can't go back.

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I think thats the major problem of the team. They give in to the media too much about everything. Big name wr, drafting a qb at all costs regardless of value. Bush, dansby gone.Every year its blame the 1 or 2 year coach, then fire them and anyone else we can.


and we always seems to hear about dolphin loicker room and headcoach drama. The bully stuff never would have gotten out on the pats or niners.

Personally i think its the media that beats the war drums of destruction for this team,especially Armando.Hes a dolphin killer.


COACHING...Is our coaching staff so in love with it's own ego that they won't adjust their game plan? I'll make it very simple for you morons. Passing game = bad...Running game = good...SOLUTION = run the freakin ball! 7.2 yards/carry tells you all you need to know.


Starting Matt Moore only makes sense if you think that our only problem is the QB position. How does starting Moore help WR's catch passes that were perfectly placed? How does starting Moore help the change in defensive scheme that obviously did not work? How does starting Moore help the O-line work better? I agree there are issues with Tannehill. He clearly holds the ball to long. He waits to long to move and throws late. But many passes were great and I like the fact that he stays very calm.


I've said it time and time again. A team names it's starting lineup based on talent level. If Moore were there best QB, he'd be the starter. He's not Kirk Cousins or Nick Foles. They were rookies. We know exactly what we have in Matt Moore and what we've seen out of him is all we're ever going to see. He is a good, quality....BACKUP.


Here we go again. Self implosion fueled by the media, and know nothing "fans". And I use the term fans very loosely. Unbelievable. SMH


It Is a no-brainer; when Tannehill failed to win either of the Buffalo and Jets games last year; Philbin should have pulled the plug and started Matt Moore right off the bat this season. I don't know why these Tannehill nuckleheads keep overlooking all of his mistakes and want him to keep playing. No coach would START a QB who cannot throw the deep ball accurately, accept in Miami. This is the problem in Miami. They put faith in unreality. How can a previous wr possibly become a quality QB? How can a QB who does not have pocket presence be effective? How can a QB who cannot throw the deep ball accurately after 4 years; including collage year, suddenly become accurate in the deep ball? How can a QB whose passes are off target help the wr core? All of these things and more is what the dolphins coaching staff is trying to push off on the the team and the public. (UNREALITY) If Tannehill starts against the Raders WE ARE SURE TO LOOSE! START MATT MOORE! Matt Moore can throw the deep ball and make all of the other throws. The teammates want Matt Moore to start. Even if Tannehill eeks out a win againt the Raiders, he is sure to loose againt our next 4 opponents. START MATT MOORE PLEASE!


Has nobody been watching? this team is a joke, has ben a joke and will continue to be a joke until we get a coach who has passion for this game. Philbin is not a leader, shows no emotion on the field and has no control over his players, combine that with lackluster play, poor time management along with dropped passes (on the rare occasions he gets the ball within the receivers hands) makes for a long season. Buy the real question that bothers me the most is what happened to this team between week one and two? Loosing to the Bills is really not that big of a deal, the way they played however is.

Funny how after poor Jonathan Martin felt so abused and left the team last year the NFL as well as the media made a spectacle of how bad the Dolphins were, continually throwing them under the bus, funny, nothing the Dolphins did compares to what the NFL has done concerning Ray Rice and company.


Philbin and company needs to go back to the basics: first basic; NEVER in NFL history has a wr turned QB become a top single caller. However, a qb turned wr has proved successful. No qb has struggled for 2 years and have become a good qb on the SAME team. Now, some qbs have struggled for 2 or 3 years and moved on to another team and progressed to be a good qb. ALL qbs who have started slow and became a good qb, begin to make steady progress in their second year and were solid by the end of the 2nd year. Most star qbs are good in their rookie season! These facts can be confirmed and are undeniable and have never changed. In fact, there has been no exceptions to these rules, YET!


Start Tannehill in London but keep him on a short leash ready to yank him for Moore


NO MORE EXCUSES DOLPHINS!!! "Its our injured linebackers", "its our injured O-Line", "its because we drop passes", "its because our offense cant stay on the field", "its because our receivers are not running accurate routes", blah blah blah blah blah!! Get it done!!! The Chiefs were without their 3 BEST PLAYERS on the entire team and they found a way to beat Miami even though,
1-Miami was at home

2-Miami won the turnover battle 2-0

3-Their injuries were a bigger loss than ours

NO MORE EXCUSES!! This team has more of them than Carter has peanuts!!!!!


@David, I see potential in Tannehill he has room to grow. We've seen the best of Moore and he won't be the answer next year. Moore should have started during Tannehill's rookie season. There were too many dropped balls to only blame Tannehill. Miller was running well and after every good run they would pass it was terribly predictable. If Tannehill was responsible for audibleing to all those failed passing plays then I blame him and he should ride the pine for a week. If those were the called plays then its a problem at OC or Philbin overruling Lazar.


Fellow Tannehill is 95% of the problem. Everyone who does not already see this fact, will see it plainly when Matt Moore or any other QB is given a chance. Even Seth Lobato would win more games than Tannehill right now. People name one starting QB who would go the entire first half and not score a TD with all of the talent we have. Tannehill is a yards and 3 point qb at best. Tannehill is the problem!

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I would rather have Tannehill play the year out for several reasons.
He either keeps regressing and we lose games and pick top ten rather than 15 plus, he builds up a little trade value even if we realize he will not be our guy, we draft or trade for QB and don't pick up option.
Or maybe the "light bulb" comes on and he starts playing better as well as the WRs and everybody else and we move forward into next year.
We have to find out the hard way and having Moore play we will not find out.
Matt Moore is not the long term answer.
Do I think it would be exciting to see him come in and gunsling? Yes.
But what's the point of going 8-8, not getting a wild card, or if we do not winning a playoff game.
Gets us another #18 pick...big deal. Mired in medicrity both in season and draft yet again.
We do just enough to stay mediocre.
I would even toy with the idea of trading Matt Moore to a QB needy team or a playoff team this year looking for a good back-up, because we are getting nothing for him next year.
I'd rather lose out or win with Tannehill, and if he gets hurt, lose out with Lobato and rebuild, yes, again.
All Matt Moore does by winning a few games is do just enough for us to get lower draft picks.
Not that our drafts have been stellar but that may be changing under Hickey.
And Philbin IS gone next year, sorry, but the guy is a literal Zombie.