Friday, September 12, 2014

Some X-Factors Just Joined the Mix For the Bills Game

I just saw the news the NFL has updated is drug policy and as a result Dion Jordon and Reshad Jones will be returning to the Dolphins. It is hard to say what kind of impact this will have in the Buffalo game. The Dolphins will already have their game plan prepared but it is not like these two could not pretty much be told the game plan since they know the system and playbook . I don’t expect either player to start since the coaches are not sure how sharp they are. However, it would not shock me to see Reshad Jones get some extensive action. He is a much bigger player and better tackler compared to Jimmy Wilson.  I fully expect Miami to give a lot of different looks and keeping Buffalo guessing  if Maimi will bring Jones or Delmas up for run support. It will add some more options to slow down the Buffalo running attack. It also would allow Miami to play Jimmy Wilson in the slot on some plays as well. The fact is Jimmy is play maker in coverage but he is not a big physical safety that you can bring up to smack Jackson and Spiller.  If Miami runs very much 52 package I would expect Dion Jordon will sub in for Wake and OV at times to give them a rest.  Jordon has the ideal physical ability to play in that package and with our linebackers beat up I think they run it a bit more. On passing downs the team will be hard pressed to not keep Chris McCain as an edge rusher over Dion.  I have to admit if the Miami gets Buffalo in 3rd and long situation it would be interesting to see them rush Wake, Jordon, OV, and McCain. Jones and Jordon are both big physical players that can run and be moved around in the defense so at the very least they will give the team more options and depth.

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I am not sure either will even go to Buffalo. Neither has been with the team the past 2 weeks.
Its good news they can come back but the timing of it all makes it nearly impossible to get them up to speed with the game plan.
Jordan would have been a sweet addition in the 5-2 package.


Hey Dion, get on the end there and crush the QB! Theres your gameplan.


You also have to make sure they are physically ready.
I think it would be a mistake to rush them out there tomorrow.