Monday, September 22, 2014

Slow Down Miami Dolphin Fans

Wow what a wild day, all hell has broken loose in Miami. Beat writers are even fighting. People are calling for Ross to fire Philbin, Fire Coyle, Fire Rizzi.. FIRE SOMEONE!  As well as the pull Tannehill talk that always follows a loss. To be clear the coaches do feel the pressure now as does Tannehill… as they should. They just played an inferior team and lost. That is no disrespect to the Chiefs. They were well coached and played hard. But even Chiefs fans will tell you they are looking at next year when their cap clears and they have extra draft picks.  So, I do not disagree that Philbin should be on the hot seat.  The lack of using a short yardage scheme on 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1 is not excusable. That is done at the high school level because it is nearly impossible to stop a power formation from getting 1 yard. I have already covered that issue in my last post.  However, it does not really stop there.  This game showed me a few other things that give me the sense that either Philbin does not trust his players or does not trust his own plan. Let me give a few examples of why I feel it is justified to say this.

1.)    The Dolphins signed Daniel Thomas back off the street and he basically served as the #2 back in the game.  If that is the case why did the team keep Damien Williams and Orleans Darkwa?  I can understand keeping one of them for development but it would appear they do not trust to play them over Daniel Thomas? – That seems like a coach not trusting the players they kept on the 53

2.)    This defense was built to stop the pass. I feel really good about that choice.  You have to be able to beat Tom Brady and Peyton Manning to win in the post season.  This defense would DOMINATE the Chiefs or the Bills for that matter if they had to play from 1-2 scores down going into the 3rd quarter.  Both of those teams simply do not have the personal to lineup 3 and 4 wide and get the ball down the field with our talented CBs and D-Ends in there. Of course when your offense not only fails to score points, but also tends to do a lot of three and outs it allows teams that can’t throw very well to use a running game to protect the QB and wear down your defense.  Cam Wake and O Vernon are not run stuffing lineman. They are average at best matched up against power running teams that are running the ball. Running the football also removes Grimes and Finnegan from really having any impact in the game.  The Dolphins were designed to score points on offense and then use a dominating pass rush and talented CBs to blow teams out.  – Now with that being said, why would Joe Philbin be afraid to go for 4th downs in opponents’ territory or try to score a touchdown when you are down 14-0? You bring in talented skill players and build a defense designed to play against the pass and then play very conservative on offense in a home game against an average at best team?  They were playing press coverage a lot of the game and you have the most talent at WR that you have had in years?  Even worse how about having almost 2 minutes left in the Buffalo game before half and just running out the clock. This seems like a coach not trusting his players or his own plan to be able to come through. Or in words playing not to lose rather than playing to win.

3.)    All preseason long the word coming out was “tempo” they want to dictate tempo.  I can understand that is hard to do (although you have to be able to do it) in a hostile stadium like Buffalo. But I did not see any tempo in the Chiefs game.  No hurry to line and use all kinds of motion to create mismatches for the defense. This team was not even using tempo when they were behind. This tells me that either the teams does not understand their assignments well enough to run tempo. Or the coaching staff is not able to adjust fast enough during the game to call an up tempo game. Either way it signals a coaching fail.

Anyway.. You get the point, I am not impressed or happy with the coaching in particular the head coach, offensive coach, and special teams coach. They have done a poor job at both having their players mentally ready as well as preparing effective game plans.  I am going to defend Coyle. I have seen people ripping on him but the defense has played well enough to win the last two games. He has not been perfect and his units got in some mismatches. But you can’t hide Jason Trusnik from getting into coverage all game. The offensive has put the defensive in very difficult positions time after time.  If the offense would just score some points to force a team to have to pass it would make a huge difference. There are some issues but they are the kind of issues preventing us from winning the last couple games.

I am also not on board with pulling Tannehill. The drops in the last couple games have been horrible and he does not look lost with where to go with the ball to me. Does he need to deliver? Yes he does. But I ask you, what is your end point if you pull him? Matt Moore is going to be free agent next year and the team will need to decide what to do with Tannehll. Are you going to cut Tannehill and sign Moore to an extension? Draft a rookie QB when our cap space is limited and you have to resign people like O Vernon?  Or another way to think about this… Would you give Ryan Tannehill to Bill Belichick for a 1st round pick right now?  How about cut him and give him to Bill Belichick for free?   The team has to decide his long term plan after the season and we better be damn sure he is not the guy before we just cut him loose.  Considering how bad our QB’s were for over a decade after Marino, I am willing to be patient to see how Tannehill does. If he continues his average but not good play the rest of the year we don’t pick up his extension and draft a rookie letting them compete next season.

Now with all the said I am sure I will get some fruit thrown at me when I say. I would not fire anyone other than maybe Darren Rizzi.  It easy to say “OMG the team looked awful” “ Fire The Coach”.  Ok done he is fired….. Now what?  You can’t hire anyone, they are all under contract coaching in the season. Ok so we promote someone on the staff. Like who? Bill Lazor? He has only been an offensive coordinator for 3 games and they have not exactly looked good on offense.  Ok Coyle then?  Ok so now he has to deal with all the headaches of head coach and take less time planning a defense. A defense that he is trying to scheme with a lack of talent at linebacker, I don’t think we exactly have a coach that can take over the defensive effectively if he does not have time to do it.  On top of that, you send a message to the league that you will fire a coach for going 1-2 to start a season. I am sure that will help to recruit a talented coach next season. Don’t forget, several coaches like Jim Harbaugh and Jeff Fisher turned the job down and we were down to the homeless guy on the corner to take the GM job if Hickey passed.  So I would be careful being the Queen of Hearts and yelling “Off with their Head” If you want to make statement fire Rizzi (I am sure the homeless guy on the corner would be about the same as him for a special teams coach). Otherwise the best plan is to suck it up; the team is much better than they have been playing.  We have a good chance to get to 2-2 going into bye after which we should be looking at having Pouncey, Jones, Misi and Moreno back with the team. Also, don’t discount Billy Turner just yet. With some luck he will be back to healthy. Our interior line will be a whole different beast with a healthy Pouncey and Turner in there.

On a final note I do think it is time for Mr. Ross to start having dinner with some interesting people. People like Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher, maybe a secret dinner in a basement (you can use mine) with Jim Harbaugh. Don’t laugh we stole Shula from the Colts when the owner was away.  So when 2014 passes if the Dolphins end up down the path they appear headed ,you have these guys on speed dial.  They will respect you gave Philbin 3 full years to win. If you fire him now , good luck even getting the homeless guy to coach the team.
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I like the dinner in your basement idea, gofins4sb.

Rizzi should be sleeping with the fishes.

You are right about getting guys back but it may be too little too late by then. If we are 4-6 and then run the table, fine. But can we get to at least 4-6?


I would wait until the end of season to fire Joe Philbin, if he can't turn it around. I just hope that Ross will do that if needed. If that happens, they need to clean house as well. None of this fake GM position. I'm still not comfortable with Philbin only hiring a GM who would not fire Philbin. And that probably means goodbye to Dawn as well. Polian could be a possibility for GM. As far as HC, Harbaugh would be a hot name, but a guy who I'm really intrigued with is Frank Reich, Chargers OC and former Bills qb. He has progressed nicely as a coach and I think he will get his opportunity somewhere. I just hope that we don't miss out.


Philbin needs to grow a pair. He looks and coaches like a zombie. Tanny reminds me of one drew Bree's. He was lousy his first two years in San Diego. Then he blossomed. Unfortunately I don't think we can wait for that to happen


Look on pro football Tanny actually has better QB rating and td int ratio than Bree's. Their first two years of solid service. Also sacked more than Bree's. However....with the clowns we have coaching, we may not be able to develop him in time. I say give the kid time to absorb this new offense,then cut ties if he bombs out this year.


@Gofins4sb: Sorry man, gotta totally disagree with you. This team got roasted by a rookie WR against Buffalo, stopping the pass did not work in the game. Alex Smith posted a perfect 136 passer rating last Sunday. We have not intercepted a ball all year, those stats do not scream that we are built to stop the pass.

If Belicheck gave Miami a first rounder for Tannehill and I was the GM then sign me up! It's better than getting nothing for him after he continues to regress. Let Moore Finish the year and draft 2 QB's early next draft. After 3 years of seeing Tannehill regress, I am pretty sure Tannehill is not the guy. Time to move on.

Ross would not be firing Philbin for starting the season 1-2, he would be firing him for self destructing last year and having to win only 1 of 2 games against average at best teams. He would be firing him for self destructing in the early part of this year. He would be firing him for not showing any improvement at all in his tenure. I can go on and on and on and on and on and on.

As I said in an earlier post, let anyone take over, is it much worse than what we have now? Would Lazor be better? Don't know but he damn sure can't be worse than Philbin. He cannot motivate, make adjustments, prepare, NOTHING!

As for the thing about how our line will be better once Pouncey and Turner get back, well that is true but referring back to my last post, you name me a team that does not lose key players to injuries on a yearly basis and I will name you the winning lottery numbers for Saturday. injuries are no excuse. I'm the Chiefs got it done against us with their best 3 players out! And we are a "better" team on paper. The Browns are competing fiercely and they are without one of the best WRs in the league and their starting RB. And yet Miami can't beat an inferior team with some injuries? Give me a break. NO MORE EXCUSES FOR THE DOLPHINS!!

Ross better start having those dinners sooner than later...


From what I recall in the Bills game we gave them the ball in scoring position twice in the first half and held them to 9 points in the first half. The reason we are not getting INT's is we are not forcing teams to throw at our corners at all. Watch the Chiefs game and look at how many passes are at Grimes and Finnegan. Alex Smith did not have to throw one risky pass the whole game. He was never under any pressure to have to score points. I am not saying our defense is dominate but our offense has put them in tough positions over and over. They are not being put in a position to use their most talented players like Grimes, Wake etc. Those players can't do much against power run and short quick passes from teams just running the clock down and protecting a lead. I don't see how they could be expecting a lot more than Coyle. Are you going to fire him because he cant' hold a team under 15 points when his guys keep getting thrown out their on 3 and outs, and have to start defending at the 35 because of Hartline's dance while the team is losing? He is not the glaring problem on the team. And yes it does get worse than Philbin I would say 0-3 is worse. You want to make Lazor the head coach? So he is going to be both o-coordinator( a job he has done for only 3 games) and head coach. The last time that was done we went 1-15 under Cam Cameron. To be clear I am not defending Philbin. What I am saying is you fire him now I doubt you get a good coach next season and I don't see a realistic option to take his spot. Maybe you can do it mid season if we are out of the playoffs so it does not look bad. But you are going to be hiring from the Jerry Jones pool of coaches if you fire one at a record of 1-2


I am thinking after the Bye week we will have them all back Carl I am not sure on Moreno but what I am hearing is 4 weeks so he would be close. Pouncey, Jones, Misi and Turner should all be back by then. At 2-2 and getting those guys back I would say things could be much worse. As far as Philbin goes I would comfortable firing him if we hit 7 loses. I don't think you look like a owner who does not give your coach a fair shot for the season in that situation. If he is going to be fired we HAVE to get a good coach to replace him. No more Sporano crap


I could not agree more Kelly. Philbin coached the most gutless game I have seen. My favorite pick for a coach would be Jon Gruden but I don't think he has the interest to do it anymore. If we do get into the situation like the last decade where no coaches will come here. I think you have to at least consider Mike Shula.. Just saying


You are right on target about Coyle, gofins4sb. Our defense is fine and plays best with a lead.

I don't think any former coaches who are currently TV commentators will take a job. They make plenty of money with no pressure and they have already won a Super Bowl so I don't see any motivation for them to come back to coaching.

Let's hope Tannehill turns it around and all this discussion is for naught.

Currently, there are three teams each at 3-0 and 0-3. The other 26 teams are either 2-1 or 1-2. We are a game out of first place and clearly still in the hunt.


Everything you said is spot-on gofins4sb. The Bills and Chiefs did not tear us up with the passing game. They wore our defense out because our offense couldn't stay on the field and they exploited our LBs with 5-10 yard passes. We don't have any INTs yet because no one throws the ball near our DBs. They haven't needed to. Our offense and special teams are the problem and it's 75% due to coaching. Philbin is not playing the team the way it was designed to play.

We can not just hit the reset button every 2-3 years. Period. If you've been watching since Marino/Jimmy Johnson left then you know that. The reset button is the reason we've sucked for 15 years. It's the reason no quality coach or GM wants to go to Miami. It's the reason Peyton Manning did not even THINK about playing for Miami when he was a FA.


Is our coaching staff so in love with it's own ego that they won't adjust their game plan? I'll make it very simple for you morons. Passing game = bad...Running game = good...SOLUTION = run the freakin ball! 7.2 yards/carry tells you all you need to know.


I realize that our offense has put the defense in a bad position. THATS MY POINT! The coaches suck!

Did anyone think Sean Payton would be the coach he is? Did anyone think Gruden would be the coach he is? How about Jimmy Johnson with the Cowboys? NOBODY knew they would have the success they had! You never know until you try. To say we would not get a good coach is not a fair statement. We had a chance to hire a good coach last time around in Mike McCoy and instead we chose Philbin.

As for hitting the reset button again, I am against it in most cases, BUT not this one. This team has not improved!!!!! Will not improve under Philbin!!! The statisitics prove that we are regressing all the way around...

And yes gofins, our linebackers were exploited in coverage I get that but why werent any adjustments made? Why did we get roasted twice in the same game by the same scheme??

I understand that Miami would like to play with a lead, wouldnt every team? It is obvious that its easier to manage and play with a lead but the fact is that if you cannot overcome adversity and deficets then good luck in the NFL!!!

All these comments are great and partially true but as I said before, NO MORE EXCUSES!!! This Dolphin's team has more excuses than Carter has peanuts!!!!

Dont be surprised if Oakland beats the Phins in London, if they do, what will the excuse be? Jet lag?


Lol on the Jet Lag Lawrence


@Carl they pulled a QB out of an announcer job to play one preseason game for us, why not a coach :-)