Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sigh of Relif

Sigh of Relief

What Relief for everyone! The coaches, the team, the fans.  If you lose that game you have a LONG plane ride home for the team and long week for the fans.  Winning cures so much in these situations. Granted we played what was probably the worst team in the league right now. Their defense was decimated by injuries and they had a rookie QB. But wow did we need to play them right now. Suddenly all the agony from the last two weeks has faded for everyone. Now the team is 2-2 along with losses by the Bills and Jets. We are going to get a whole pile of players back.  Jones, Pouncey, Misi, Turner, Shelly Smith, Randy Starks, maybe even Moreno.  We are right back in it now should be interesting to watch the moves in the coming week. Here are my quick take away after watching the game.

1.)    I see some light at the end of the tunnel for our linebackers.   Jenkins is getting better rapidly. I think he is already an upgrade over Ellerbe as he is clearly our fastest LB. Every game he looks more comfortable. Misi, Jenkins and Wheeler brings the team back to serviceable linebackers. After going through a brutal stretch of injuries at that position

2.)    Tannehill is our QB people. He has the hard part down on reading defenses and knowing where to go.  Moving in the pocket, timing and accuracy have been his issues.  Those will get better and better the more he plays. 

3.)    Will Davis needs to get better. He looked like he took a couple of plays off when the Raiders scored on him. With Jones coming back look for Wilson to take the slot back over from him. Davis and Taylor both have a long ways to go before they are able to take over for Grimes and Finnegan.

4.)     We saw Lazor use his offense in the first half.  People were shifting all over the place. He moved Tannehill all over and the Raiders had no answer.  A QB moving around and running puts a TON of pressure on the linebackers. That makes life much easier for Charles Clay and Lamar Miller. I also loved the way he used Wallace. He went back to the basics in the 2nd half as he should have since we already had the game in hand.

5.)    Even though it converted I am still very against our short yardage plays. When you put Tannehill in the shotgun it allows the DLine to penetrate gaps since they are not worried about the QB sneak. Fortunately, the Raiders were poorly coached and overplayed the center so Miller could run around the outside. That play was literally a foot to go.

6.)    We need to focus on protecting the ball better. Miller’s fumble into the endzone would have been a killer in most games as would have Landry’s fumble on a punt return.

7.)    Following Twitter it really seemed like the players had an amazing experience in England.  It was just what they needed to get away from the all the controversy swirling in the media
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I'm not convinced! It was the sorry ass Raiders! Reminds me of when that bullshit Monday night game when Brett Favre threw all those touchdowns in what every commentator says was a magical, unbelievable night. It was the sorry ass Raiders!!!! Let's see what they do in two weeks vs the Pack!


Tannehill still didn't throw the deep pass! He left a few big plays out there due to his innacurate throws.


I thought he played his best game of the year. His accuracy improved and they did a good job moving him around. However, as you said, this was a bad Raiders teams. They were already not that great and they had a ton of injuries. So it is hard to judge just how much improvement the team had.


Raiders or not, Tannehill threw some great balls, hit his receivers in stride and looked in command.

He could have beaten anyone today.


Hector, have a drink and enjoy the win.


Just remember that the patsies and jests barely beat this garbage team. Touchdown or less if I'm not mistaken. Either way Go PHINS!!!! Win or lose


The Greenbay, Bears and Chargers games will tell the tell. We need to get our old punt and kick returner back, He is on the practice squad. We cannot count this game people. See you in two weeks. I don't know what Philbin told Tannehill, but whatever it was, he needs to tell it to him each and every week. We are going to need that deep passing game Carl when we play the better teams. So, I want you to tell Philbin and Lazor that I can Teach Tannehill how to throw the deep pass with accuracy most of the time; within one week; no joke!


Oh, and one other thing; Tannehill did not get sacked because he did not stand in one place; but he moved around and even ran the ball a few times. This too, has to happen every week.


Ok Dave, the Apollos QB School is now accepting applicants.

Minimum requirements are 6'+, rocket arm, ability to take critism, coachable and most importantly, inaccurate at throwing the long ball consistently. All applicants should wear proper attire and bring your own balls. Dave's family members will run routes for you.

Limited spots available so act noe by calling 1-800-long ball that's 1-88-long ball
Most major credit cards accepted.
Dave does not guarantee future employment with any NFL team other than the Jags or Jets.


Agreed Hector! Nice win but meaningless in regards to gauging the "progress" of this team! The packets, lions, bears and Chargers will be the true tests!


I am impressed with the play of the RB's. Williams plays hard and looks like he is really trying hard to move up the depth chart. Daniel Thomas seems to be playing with a chip on his shoulder almost as though saying "Cut me, will you? I'll show you." Miller is playing as though he is saying "Hey, I was supposed to be the #1 back, Moreno or no Moreno." Right now I'm excited about the competition and their effort. Even Darkwa, with more reps, might make a case for himself.


I Agree Chewee. Although I do think Darkwa has to be concerned for a few reasons. One is the team has to make roster spot for R Jones. I think Daniel Thomas is not going to get cut when Moreno is back and they may consider bringing Thigpen off the PS for special teams the more Landry plays in the offense.


Beating the Raiders is one thing. Blowing them out is another. The Raiders are still an NFL team. Just look at the scores of their games this year:

@ Jets L 14 - 19
vs. Texans L 30 - 14
@ Patriots L 9 - 16

We certainly own the biggest beat down. The Jets and Patriots didn't score more than 20 and were both within one score of losing. The Raiders are bad, maybe the worst, but we just put a beat down on them that others could not.

This team with its current injury situation and turmoil (even if it was manufactured by the press) came out an put a beat down on a team that the rest of the AFC East could only beat by a TD.

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Hahahahah kNick has me laughing


Knick, you obviously forgot to dial #1 ! Apollos QB school for hard biscuit eating reject QBs, take in pride in quick turnarounds.


Haha Dave.
You're the best.