Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rushing To Judgement

Looking at the Chiefs stats so far this season, we should be OK running the ball on Sunday.

They are giving up on average 125 yards per game and are ranked 23rd in the league.

We are ranked 10th in the league rushing the ball averaging 135 yards per game.

Despite losing Knowshon Moreno to injury, we should be fine this week.

The Chiefs were surprised at home opening up against the Titans and lost a tough game at Denver last week.

Statistically, the Chiefs have the following rankings:

Total Offense: 26
Points Scored: 30
Rush Yards: 22
Pass Yards: 18

Total Defense: 24
Points Scored: 23
Rush Yards: 23
Pass Yards: 20

My only concern is having to play a team who made the playoffs last year but is currently 0-2.

There is nothing worse than playing a winless team that has plenty of talent. You know they are due.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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Sorry Carl after last weeks let down we don't have a snow balls chance in hell. This QB couldn't hit an open receiver if he had the time in he world. We need a head coach that has some drive, Philban has the same expression every time I see him.


Tannehills play was not bad playcalling was dont get me wrong he missed open recievers but when it counted every reciever he threw to dropped it. Now for his missed passes it a little to do with getting rid of the ball quickly in this offense he's still getting use to it and also kinds of lets teams know it will be alot of short to intermediate routes ran as well as comebacks which is why they didnt play they deep ball they played the sticks . Players that dropped key passes names are, clay, miller,wallace, hartline, sims, gibson, and matthews dont mean to throw them under the bus but i like these guys. It doesnt take a blind man to see that they totally panicked after being down 9-0 with their defense holding up. They were averaging 4.5 ypc even after the moreno injury. They abandoned the run for 3 drives straight trying to pass because they were down rather then trying to balance the attack out. Bills did the smart thing and did not play the run sent rushers and occasionally dropped back an extra defender because they knew the offense had little faith in miller as primary back when he was doing a good job running and pass blocking outside of his week 1 fumble and dropped passes. Im no professional but i could clearly see that. Dolphins coaches blew that game. And as for wheeler did they seriously play an already bad player with an injury over their other players. He did horrible in sealing off outside rushing lanes and again tackling now there is no way in hell that the guys on the bench are that damn terrible that you play a player with a cast on over someone perfectly healthy.


I agree with what you are saying about Tannehill, Derrick.

Plenty of guys dropped balls that would have extended drives or given us a better chance of getting the first down on the next play.

Not too many guys walked off the field and felt like they played a good game.

I think we will bounce back on Sunday and play better. Miller should be fine.