Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On Marino: that's odd

Jason Cole made some speculative comments about Marinos role with the fins, and suggested Marino was evaluating people. 

But that's not the odd part. No, the odd part was Marinos response. He told Armando Salguero:

"My whole thing from the beginning has been to support on the football side, be excited about being back in the organization and as far as the community stuff, working on the sponsorship side -- things like going over to meet with some of the sponsors in London. And that's really it."

Read it again. I'll wait. 

Marinos role is to be excited. And to meet with sponsors. 

That's quite a role. It's not about football or helping the team grow. Nope. It's about making money for the owner by being out there for the sponsors. 

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That's what I expected. He's just a figurehead; nothing more.

(Or so he says...)


Sadly, it's what I expected as well. He's the modern day version of the former celeb who became a greeter at a casino.

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Why don't they have him mentoring Tannehill??????


Show me the $$$$$$$$$$$$$!


I am not sure Marino wants to be doing anything more than that. I don't see him wanting to put in the time. I can't say I blame him. If any of you had at least 40-50 million dollars you probably would not really want to put in 10+ hour grueling days.