Monday, September 22, 2014

Nothing Like Starting A Nice, Hot Fire Under The Entire Coaching Staff To Start Out The Week.....

REGRESSION is the word of the week folks.

Our defense has regressed every year since Kevin Coyle took over. Look up the stats, go ahead, I will wait…



OK good, now that you believe me let us talk about his game planning for yesterday’s game. Why on this earth was Jason Trusnik and Cameron Wake covering a speedy running back in the first place? The SAME SCHEME EXPOSED US TWICE IN THE SAME GAME!!! Pathetic!! As a coach, you have to minimize your unit’s weaknesses and mask them with strengths. Coyle failed which is why I would FIRE HIM TODAY. Make a statement to the organization, the players, the fans, the coaching staff and the entire league. Coyle is so caught up in his “system” that he refuses to play to his individual players strengths. That is rule # 1 as a coach. Look what happened when Revis went from the Jets, who coached to his ability, to the Bucs, who coached to their system. Perfect example right there…

Ryan Tannehill has regressed each season and is on pace for CAREER LOWS across all the statistics. Look that one up too….


OK, now that I’m 2/2 let us talk about him. He does not have “it”. Time to move on. The offensive line gave up 9 sacks this year you say? Oh wait, this just in, the Chiefs have given up 10 so far this year and I think 4 of them to Miami yesterday and yet Alex Smith still posted a passer rating of 136. Tannehill’s rating against a significantly less talented secondary yesterday? 70.4. these are his passer ratings, in order, starting from week one, 80, 73.6, and 70.4. As I said, REGRESSION! And he does not even have the excuse of not having a running game! A good QB makes the people around him better, Tannehill clearly is not that guy. Let Matt Moore finish the season and draft a new QB.

Now, Carl’s favorite subject, Darren Rizzi!! He needs to be fired today along with Coyle. Why is our punt returner constantly fielding punts within the 5 yard line? Does he not know what a fair catch is? Landry got rocked yesterday because of he refused to call a fair catch. Not to mention, The Dolphins are ranked 31st in net punting average and let me tell you, it’s not because our punter doesn’t have a leg, it’s because we can’t cover a punt to save our rear ends! Time to go Mr. Rizzi, I can only hope and wish your seat is just as hot as Mr. Philbin’s and Mr. Coyle’s…

Fire Philbin at season’s end. The guy, like Tannehill, does not have “it”. I am willing to be patient if I see improvement and that is not what is being provided. Philbin is lost out there guys, let’s just call it as it is. In the final 2 minutes against Buffalo you run out the clock and show no confidence in your team then the very next week in the same scenario you decide to push for points? And when you have a chance to score a TD, you mismanage the clock and squander 19 seconds and have to settle for a FG? This team looks as lost as its head coach. NO LEADERSHIP. NO DESIRE. NO HEART. I hope that seat is growing hotter by the second there Mr. Philbin. Some may say, “what other options are there out there?” And to that I don’t know, but ask yourself, What state would the Dolphins be in if we would have hired Mike McCoy? He is doing a heck of a job down there in San Diego with an arguably less talented team. Here is another one for you, would you have guessed the Browns would be competing at the level they are with Mike Pettine? Yes they have the same record as the Phins but they are a hell of a lot more competitive than us and let me remind you, they are without one of the best receivers in the NFL and their starting RB, so for those of you who like to play the injury card for the Phins, consider that one. NO MORE EXCUSES!!! Injuries are a part of the NFL year in and year out, what separates the bad teams from the good and the good from the great is their ability to overcome adversity. Name me a team that does not lose players to injuries every year and I will name you the winning lottery numbers for this Saturday…

There has been a lot of talk as to why the Dolphins did not run the football in short yardage situations against KC even though we were torching them with the ground game. Let me try and answer that question. More often than not, with a finesse offense like the Dolphins have, there are two plays that will be called and the one that is ran is based off of what kind of defense is being shown. Now, again, this is horrible coaching. If the defense can dictate whether you run or pass based on how they line up then you have already lost! All of this is unacceptable!! Like GoFins has said repeatedely, RUN THE DARN FOOTBALL IN SHORT YARDAGE SITUATIONS!!! If you cannot gain a yard in 2 tries like we had a chance to yesterday then you don’t deserve to be on the field! Oh Wait, that’s right, we didn’t gain a yard in 2 tries. Sorry! I will debate and defend my reasons for wanting what I wrote about in this post all day long! NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!!

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Something that horks me off in this post-modern nfl is this decision to have a qb 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage on a short yardage down, with no back!


@ David Kennedy: AMEN! Ask the Seahawks if the power running game still works in this era of the NFL...


Yep. Gofins4sb said a mouthful on the short yardage situation.

Coyle got out coached with their 3 TE package.

Fans are losing patience. Philbin may be in over his head.

The team needs a kick in the ass


@ Carl: Philbin definitely is in over his head. He is a confused man out there. The players sense that and they know there IS NO LEADERSHIP!!