Sunday, September 14, 2014

Miami Dolphins "Fix It" List

Well it was rough day for the Dolphins.  To be honest I was worried about this game from the start because Buffalo was going to be playing on such an emotional day.  The biggest things from a game like this is to learn from mistakes.  I thought rather than write yet another summary of the game I would touch on the top issues I see the team needing to address if they want to get back to winning.

Short Yardage – Phillbin or Lazor need to draw up better short yardage plays. I can understand running from the shotgun in 3 and 2 or 3rd and 3 but the team needs to prepare a power formation that is nearly impossible to stop from getting a yard. – They have had trouble with this since Phillbin has been the coach and it is time to get it corrected. Put a lineman at full back and run the William Perry offence if you need to.  In my opinion the dolphins running the read option from the shotgun when the buffalo brought everyone up on 4 and 1 was foolish.  You DO NOT run east and west on 1 yard to go plays.

Have the team more prepared for hostile stadiums that are loud. I know the game was rocking and it is hard to play in Buffalo, but that is how EVERY playoff game is. There were at least 4 to 5 times I saw Satele trying to call out the blocking assignments while Tannehill was clapping for the ball. That means either they play is coming in to slow or they are not getting in and out of the huddle fast enough. Everytime Tannehill has to start clapping you are telling the D-Line that is going to be quick snapped giving them a better jump.

Damien Williams has GOT to one cut and go. K Moreno looked terrific in the zone block scheme because he picks up where he was going quick makes his cut and goes.  Williams was dancing too much.  When you are playing a D-Line like Buffalo sometimes you are going to only get 1-2 yards and you come back with 2 and 9 or 2 and 8. You can’t dance and lose a yard making it 2nd and 11. I am hoping the coaches can help him out with that this week.

Tannehill has got to handle pressure better.  Miami’s O-Line did better than they did last year. Yes Buffalo got to him at times but he played uncomfortable all game. He was forcing passes and it showed. He was off target on several passes. I think he is doing a good job knowing where to go. That is always the hardest thing with a young QB. But he was pushing and rushing throws in this game. You have to be able to stand in the pocket even when it is a smaller one.  Again, if you want to win in the playoffs you have to be able to execute in adversity like this.

Get Landry on the field more – Rishard Mathews seems too slow to me and was targeted a lot in this game.  I am not clear where Gibson is at compared to last year but Landry clearly is a play maker.   Hartline, Wallace, and Landry need to be on the primary WRs on the field.
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Fix it? we need a new QB, throw in some running backs as well, we lost the heart and soul of our offense this week we are doomed I tell you doomed!


Tannehill did not play well. However, it is not like he threw 4 Ints and single handed lost the game. You could have put Manning in there and we would not win with Punt Blocks, Punt Fumbles, and Kick Returns for touchdowns. I could not agree more that Moreno is huge loss. I am hoping Damien Williams can step up. He was playing around way to much in the hole in this game. But he does run my physical than Miller


Face facts.....this team is no better than last year, the year before, etc......Last week's win vs the Pats was due more to the extreme heat & humidity wearing them down (w/ a little help from Moreno) but was NOT a true picture of this team....I'm afraid today might be


I would say that Pats team looked pretty solid today. I also think our O-Line, D-Backs and WR's are better than last year.1 -1 is hardly a time for the sky is falling down. It is the NFL everyone is good and there is a reason only one team has went undefeated. Let the season define the team not a game


Good post gofins4sb.

Our special teams killed us again and its time to fire Rizzi and either hire the guy from Rutgers or North Texas. Those guys can coach special teams.

Tannehill threw 31 completions in 49 attempts. How many drops? He did miss Wallace again but he was not the issue.

Miller ran for 4.2 yards per carry on only 11 attempts. Give him 20-25 carries and he can bust one. He is not the issue.

The game just dictated more passing than we wanted to do.

Our defense kept us in this game for 3 quarters. Being down 9-0 at half was a blessing.

The environment was tough but that is the NFL. Buffalo just made a hell of a lot more plays than we did. There were sequences when offensively we got manhandled. They were more physical than us and deserved to win the game.

Sometimes you just get your ass kicked.


Agree Carl, our special teams pretty much sucks. I have to disagree on Lamar Miller though. He is a horrible running back. His average YPC is simply a mirage. He has not busted a long TD run in his entire career. He can't pass block worth a crap. He damn sure can't catch the ball, I'm surprised he can handle the pitches to be honest with you. Damien Williams needs to step up for us to have a chance to salvage this season. I was happy with Tannehill's' overall performance except for the horrible under throw of Mike Wallace once again that should have been a TD. Maybe we should just accept that the long ball will not happen with Tannehill??...


I am not letting Tannehill off the hook he did not play elevate the team like a good QB does. But he certainly did not lose the game either. Lamar Miller is a change of pace back. His speed can beat line backers on the edge he is also running harder up the middle. But I agree with you Lawerence, he is not a 20 carry back. I doubt he could hold up a season at his size. Moreno will be back. I hope in a month or so with a bye week in there. Williams can run with power. but I don't know if he understands how to run in a zone block scheme. It is a pick a hole and burst. He was not doing that in his limited carries today. However, he is better at YAC that Miller. I wish we could just get a new special teams guy but would have to be one unemployed right now. I want to see how the team responds. The again had several mental errors and turnovers this week.


WE. SHOULD. HAVE. BEAT. THE. BILLS. No excuses. If this team is supposed to be a playoff team, they should have won. PERIOD!


I know Miller will never be a bell cow for us. I meant in today's game if he got 20-25 carries he could have broke one as the Bills were stacking the box and using man coverage. If he got to 10 yards downfield he could have gone 50.