Friday, September 26, 2014

Let's Stop The Excuses And Set Some Standards As A Fan Base....

These Dolphins sure don’t fail to disappoint do they?! They come out smoking hot and defeat New England then flop the next 2 games that they should have won. I could have accepted the losses to Buffalo and Kansas City a lot better if they would have at least put up a fight. They didn’t even compete which was the most disheartening part of it all.

It is obvious that Philbin screwed up with the handling of his QB situation. Some want Matt Moore and some want Tannehill. I really am getting tired of the excuse train that has been following this controversy as well as the 2 straight 19 point losses. Some examples are:

Receivers drop passes.

The offensive line gives up a lot of sacks.

The offense put the D in bad situations.

Our Linebacker suck.

We have injuries.

We should have ran the ball.

We should have passed the ball.



You want to know what I care about? WINS! I don’t care who is playing QB, hell, let Pee-Wee Herman do it. I don’t care who coaches, Mickey Mouse will do just fine if he can lead the team to victory! This team needs to stop making excuses to the media, themselves, their team mates, the fans, the coaches and the rest of the league and WIN!

Now that all that is out in the open, it is also clear that Tannehill will start against Oakland and I am fine with that. Again, don’t really care. I also don’t care how he plays against them because they are the bottom feeders of the league although it can be debated that Jacksonville is not too far behind who we also play this year by the way. I EXPECT HIM TO HAVE A GOOD GAME. If he fails and we lose I will criticize him to no end but if he wins, it will not matter to me! You know what will impress me when it comes to Tannehill and Philbin? Put up more points than Aaron Rodgers when we play the Packers. Give it hell against the Bears and COMPETE. Beat the Chargers AT HOME! Again, COMPETE against the Lions! Those will be the true tests of Philbin and Tannehill. If you have any standards as a fan then this game against Oakland on Sunday is meaningless when it comes to how Philbin and Tannehill perform. It should be expected that they beat a horrible Raiders team.

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100% No Excuses is Right Lawerence. The Raiders have a rookie QB in there against Cam Wake, and Brent Grimes and company. No offense to Raider nation but they are simply not a great team right now. If we get up by 10 or more points and make them throw with their rookie we will blow them out. However, if it is the same crap as the last two games and we score 3 points the first half letting them protect their poor passing game( ie what we did the last two games) then any team can beat us. Philbin is on the hot seat, it I was on the hot seat, I sure as hell would be going for it on 4th and short in their territory. We HAVE to get ahead of teams so our defense can prevail against them


@gofins4sb: as a fan, i hope and expect them to beat the Raiders but as I stated, the Packers, lions and bears will be the true test along with the division games. I'm not saying they have to win all the games but for god's sake, COMPETE! Make the damn game interesting! Make Carl not want to wash dishes at halftime! Score points! Give the fans something CONSISTENTLY!


Watch what you ask for gofins4sb, as you pointed out, we are not very good at 4th and short.

Lawrence, if we are not playing well, I will be mopping this week. Gotta get it done.

And if we are getting blown out, since my brother, a Raider fan will be over watching with me, I will have to spend the time switching out my summer wardrobe for the fall/winter wardrobe. Such is life in Jersey. Gotta get that done too.

I keep saying that Tannehill will be fine this week. We all keep waiting for him to break out and throw for 280-300 yards a few weeks in a row. But I am not so sure the offense will ever get that done unless we are down by 20 and its a lot of garbage yardage. We may have to accept that this offense is a work in progress and Tannehill will be avg at best for the rest of this season.

Our D is going to have to carry us this year. And as you both eloquently stated, all we need is a decent lead to be dominant.

Unfortunately, we still play special teams and those idiots are killing us at times. If we can keep field position against Oakland, we can blow them out. But if we allow them good field position, they will get Ole Moe on their side and then anything can happen.


@Carl: as stated, Tannehill's performance against the Raiders means nothing to me unless he plays like crap. I expect him to play well against the Raiders. As for the whole, "all we need is a decent lead to dominate", well I agree with you but that is not realistic. Every team in the league has to play from behind at some point, if the, Dolphins can't come back from a deficit then they are in for a long season. NO MORE EXCUSES!


the problem is the head coach & coaching staff period..we have some good ball players and they are not putting them in the best position to succeed

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@Lawrence Chavez
I find it interesting that you post almost immediately and often after a loss. Today, we blew out a team and Tannehill played well. Now, nothing but crickets.


You are constantly saying "NO MORE EXCUSES!" But none of those things you listed are excuses. They are REASONS why a team is bad. For instance, the Raiders are bad at EVERYTHING. That is not an excuse. It's a REASON. They don't do anything well, and, therefore, they lose games. When Miami doesn't catch/block/run well/stop the run/stop the pass/protect the ball, they are GOING to lose. Not excuses. Facts.


@ linearz: I already addressed what I expected from the Dolphins against the Raiders in this article. Nothing surprised me, so therefore, nothing to write as I said in the kat paragraph of this post. Expect a writing from me after the Green Bay game.

@jeremyandjessica branham: I do not believe they are reasons, I believe that they are excuses. Do you think Brady had "reasons" why he got benched against KC. NO, HE DID NOT. he came out the next week against the only undefeated team in the league and handed them their ass. And yes, the raiders are bad at everything, it's an excuse, don't like it? Get better. Stay after practice. Do that extra rep with the weights. Just because you suck is not a "reason" to stay that way