Friday, September 05, 2014

Jones and Jordon Coming off Suspension?

Ok I just read this but it seems the NFL is going to be making big changes to their substance abuse.

Per CBS Sportsline….
The NFL is working on a new drug agreement that could benefit currently suspended players, according to Pro Football Talk. 
The owners and players are still sorting out the details of the new proposal. If passed, the proposal would cause some significant changes to the league's drug policy. Offseason use of amphetamines would become substance-abuse violations as opposed to performance-enhancing violations. First time substance-abuse violations are not subject to suspensions. On top of that, the threshold to trigger a positive test for marijuana would be raised.
If the new policy is agreed to soon, that could lead to reduced suspensions for players like Wes Welker and Josh Gordon . The new marijuana testing would apply to Gordon, while Welker would now be a first time offender of a substance-abuse policy, not a performance-enhancing violation.
It's unclear how close the two sides are on getting a deal done.

This of course would possibly impact Rashad Jones and Dion Jordon .  If the reports they used stimulants are true they could literally come off suspension at any time.  Stay tuned!
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Interesting story gofins4sb.

I could see marijuana changing as states are beginning to out right legalize it usage and many states allowing it for medical reasons.

I guess as some stars get caught, like Welker, the league needs them on the field.


I think this is more about fairness than it is about getting the stars back on the field.


i don't care if its legail i believe a cumpany has the right no to maijuana useage


I don't disagree Joe. They have to be responsible. I have a big problem with PEDs. Baseball was destroyed by those. So I don't have a problem with NFL hammering players for those. However, it is really up to the teams and leagues on things like Pot. So long as they are fair across the board on how they punish it.


joe. u can't even spell legal. u have no business speaking negatively regarding marijuana usage. especially, since it has no bearing on a players performance.