Sunday, September 14, 2014

Is Ray Rice "Getting The Business"?

Now I am not condoning what Ray Rice did.

I am not saying that he doesn't deserve to be suspended.

And he was. Initially for 2 games.

Was that an appropriate penalty for his actions?

That wasn't his decision. It was NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's.

Rice accepted that ruling.

Now after new evidence comes to light, i.e. the video, Rice's penalty has been changed to an indefinite suspension.

Granted that video does make Rice look like a villain. But isn't this new penalty a form of Double Jeapordy?

Has Ray Rice been retried for the same crime after accepting a penalty for that crime?

And what does the NFL do now with every other domestic violence penalty it has already rendered? Do they go back through their files and then indefinitely suspend all those other players?

Ray Rice deserves the current penalty he received but it came too late for actual justice to have been served.

Goodell should have gotten it right the first time.
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The NFL and Goodell rarely get it right.


Patrick, they have fumbled the ball on quite a few issues lately.


Once upon a time Roger was tough ~! no more


I agree with what you say. Additionally, the NFL changed it's policy to a six game suspension for first time domestic violence incidents. If so, why didn't Ray get the new six game suspension when the video became available? That's what really bothers me. He received MORE than the new policy. What's up with that?


Great point Gary.