Sunday, September 21, 2014

I Have Started Washing Dishes During Our Last Two Games

Its just too disheartening to watch.

It truly is.

With 40 odd seconds left in the half and a TO in your pocket you figure the Coach would use it and get 4 shots at a TD.

Nope. Wasted time. Wasted opportunity.

Time for scrubbing bubbles.

What the hell was Hartline thinking about after his TD catch?

Tell me he wasn't waiting all off season to line up a putt.

So while his teammates stood by waiting to congratulate him and were surely wondering "what the f__k is he doing?", the refs threw a flag for a group celebration.

It looked more like neighbors watching the gas man digging a ditch.

How the hell is Darren Rizzi still employed?

Let's see how many bonehead plays our special teams can make:
1) Making sure you get inside the numbers prior to the snap as a substitute has been a rule since these idiots have been playing high school.
2) Do not catch the punt inside your 5 yard line since they have been playing Pop Warner.
3) Allow 20 yards per punt return. Not very good numbers.

Am I the only one who thinks Andy Reid showed little class at the end of the game?

You could see him eye balling Philbin across the field, who wisely chose to end our misery and not call a TO with 30 seconds left.

Well, that could have been a habit with Philbin not to use TOs with 30 seconds left in a half.

Reid had plenty of time to call for a Victory formation. They should have kneed it.

London is calling and if we don't play well against Oakland, I will break out the mop.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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Yep, couldn't agree more.The clock mismanagement just shows how our HC is not prepared. Its comical at best. In other news, I got a super huge shop vac for Christmas. Now I know where it is needed, somebody's gotta' clean up that mess in Miami. We clearly are not prepared to play football each week. Pathetic.


Sorry Carl, as I see it, we are the 31st best team in the NFL. Beating the raiders, who I consider 32nd will not change the fact that this team sucks. NO MORE EXCUSES!!!


We have got some serious issues staring us in the face.

Back, since it involves the Dolphins, you better make sure its a wet-vac.


The conservative play-calling and total abandonment of the running game (even when averaging over 7 ypc) was clearly NOT Mike Sherman's fault. It's clear now that it was all Philbin and Sherman was the scapegoat so Philbin could stay one more year. You can tell Bill Lazor wants to play differently but he's keeping his mouth shut for the most part.


Let us not forget that our defensive scheme was HORRIBLE as well....


We missed some tackles for sure. Davis'TD run came after blown tackle at the line of scrimmage.

We were outcoached with that 3 TE formation.