Sunday, September 14, 2014

I guess we were dreaming?

An old friend of mine caught up with me at the coffee house.  He's a Pats fan, and felt pretty awful about last weeks game. All week, he assured me that last week was a mirage. That his beloved team had a bad game, and nothing more.

This morning, though, he decided to take it further.  "Get ready for a wakeup call.  Your team is gonna get their butts kicked."

And yeah, verily, it came to pass.  He was more in tune with his team than perhaps we were with ours.

Its not the end of the world, but three straight losses to the Bills?  sigh.

We got work to do.  And Knowshon is a key cog in this scheme. Hope he comes back soon.
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Knowshon is expected to miss 4-8 weeks with dislocated elbow


This season is over, we have no running back to speak of combine that with a QB that can't pass the ball with any accuracy and that is our offense in a nut shell.


T-hill can't hit an open receiver if a TD counted on it. We have not found our QB!!!


I did not see the game how many open receivers did he miss?


If he's not under-throwing or throwing behind guys on crossing routes, half the time he hits somebody in the hands they the ball.
Absolutely hideous.
and Miller can't even catch a 5 yard screen!!


..."they DROP the ball"