Sunday, September 21, 2014

Here's an idea

Tired of watching this tired team?

I know I got tired if them a couple of seasons ago....

If you're able to get NFL redzone, I highly recommend it. And if not, you might want to head out to a sports bar and catch various games.

In the late action, there were 3 games being shown. Two were really fun matchups, and of course they were both dominating airtime, with the dolphins sprinkled in - especially when the others were at commercial.

I gotta tell you, it's do much better than "wasting" an afternoon watching the dolphins ending in futility week after week.
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You may be onto something Dave....


i think u need to turn in ur phins card now, u bandwagon fan


@ Debbie blizzard: you cannot be a bandwagon fan when there is no bandwagon. To be a bandwagon fan you have to be a fan when this team is good, and this team hasn't been good in at least 15 years.


Fair weather fan is the more appropriate term. Being frustrated right now is understanding. But if a fan turns his/her back on their team and then comes running back when (or IF) they get good again, claiming to be a fan, that person shouldn't be welcome back. It's like all of these fair weather Seahawks fans that were nowhere to be found 5 years ago, but now they're coming out of the woodwork claiming to be "long time" hawks fans. Right...