Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Film Review Shows Bad Coaching!

For those of you interested in post game film analysis I suggest you follow Ian Wharton on twitter. He does a very professional job of breaking down the game.  I think this is the most accurate way to judge performance. I will give you a disclaimer, if you read the summary of his review I put in below, you are going to probably be even more upset with our coaching. I know I was.  Here was some of the top points I took way.

Ryan Tannehill did not have as bad of game as people are saying. Look at the play below.  It takes a live NFL arm to make this throw.   The Film showed Tannehill made several good reads and throws.  I honestly don’t think Matt Moore can make throws likes this efficiently. However, the film did show plays where Tannehill  missed in a few throws so I would not by any means say he played a great game.  Ian Wharton is not bias and does this for a many college and pro games. His review came in right at what I was seeing with Tannehill.  To quote him. “Unfortunately I don't have time to do these breakdowns for every game, so I can't show you, but Tannehill still is in the middle of the pack”  Tannehill is not playing horrible football right now people. Yes he has a ways to go to be an elite quarterback, but I highly doubt that Matt Moore is a top 15 QB in the NFL.  So I don’t see a reason to pull Tannehill or think he is primary cause of our last two losses.

Here is another quote from Ian Wharton  I think that is more of an issue than Tannehill. “Receivers have been awful except for Wallace, and he's only turned it around in the last 6 quarters. No separation or hands”

Check out the play below!

The above is either a horrible play design or a WR’s running the wrong routes.  Where is Tannehill supposed to throw it?


Is the above Lazor’s complex motion offense?  What are you expecting will happen? In the pocket Tannehill does the right thing, he takes a sack rather than throw an INT or get called for intentional grounding.

Once again the above is either horrible separation by the WR’s or a horrible play call (or both). Tannehill does the wrong thing and forces a throw into coverage and nearly gets it picked off. I can’t blame him, the team was desperate to score points at this part of the game.

When Tannehill extended the above play Gibson blew it.  Look where they are at on the field this play would have put the Dolphins in position for sure points
One other thing I did not pay as close of attention to is the number of tipped or swatted balls. This has been an issue since he was a rookie in his first game . Is this Tannehill or coaching? I mean the guy is freaking 6’5! How can they not get this corrected? See Below.


How about we get this fixed coaching??? It is happening 4-5 times per game! The guy is 6’5 for crying out loud.
Ok so I can understand sometimes things just don’t work out.  I also, know in the NFL losing causes stress and the more you lose the more pressure you feel, it comes with the territory.  However, I am near livid with Philbin throwing Tannehill under the bus this week.  If you are going to do it phrase it correctly.  Something like “ Because we are we being out coached so badly, we need a quarterback that is flawless for the few handful of plays were he actually gets open wide receivers. We are thinking about Matt Moore because he is gunslinger and will throw it up to Mike Wallace deep even if he is covered. It works on techmo bowl so maybe it will work for us, we don’t know what else to do.”  Do you feel I am being  to harsh? OK one more for you. I have already written a full article on this. But here it is on film for you. This is ABSOUTLEY horrible coaching. They have done this FOUR times in the last two games on plays where they need ONE yard.  Not only is it STUPID to pass on 3rd and short because it is a high % success rate to power run in that situation or QB  Sneak it. They are turning these plays into about the odds of making a 3rd and 5. The below play design is TERRIBLE! Just look at this.

So after looking at the above, I think it is clown level coaching.  I already suggested Mr. Ross have this explained. I think we the fans deserve it. Not some BS we felt that was the best play call for what they were doing cliché. I want to know why in the world you feel a 7 step drops or shotgun formations make any sense AT ALL for 3rd and 1. Seriously, how in the world did they come up with that? These are supposed to be the best coaches in football it is the NFL. They have done this or the shotgun  FOUR times with critical one yard to go plays on 3rd of 4th down the last two games!
Again all this work was done by Ian Wharton and you can check it out on twitter. I will not do this routine because it is his work and you can see it there.  He also covers our defense and I will tell you our linebackers and Coyle had several bad plays as well.

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Great post gofins4sb! Good investigative journalism.

The tipped balls come from the lack of a throwing lane. Defenses scout your probable throwing lanes on certain down and distances. If the D linemen can't get by the O lineman in front of them then they move laterally to the throwing lane and look to bat down the pass.

Even at 6-5, Tannehill has to hit a short crossing route with a low throw otherwise risk over throwing it into zone coverage or lobbing it over and getting it picked.

There isn't much you can do because of the routes other than move the D linemen away from the throwing lanes or move Tannehill away from the D linemen.


Every QB has to overcome the say problems as Thill, so please stop with the endless stream of excuses you find for him.

As for him being 6"5'... so..... Ryan Leaf was that height, Marc Wilson Jamarcus was even taller, its about instincts and ability to make make plays. Thill is listed as 6"4' and seems to de a decent athelete, but all that counts for nothing if you can't throw the football with accuracy beyond 10 yards. Dink Dunk, he sucks.


Hi Mac thanks for reading the blog. Interesting you are using old Raiders QBs like Marc Wilson and Jamarcus as well as an AFC West Failed QB like Ryan Leaf. I don't recall Leaf or Jamarcus having issues with tipped balls but those guys had so many other issues who knows. I can't even recall games back with Marc Wilson played. Hopefully, Tannehill can have a good game. The Raiders are 0-3 and look about the same they have for the last decade. I hope we will have you converted to talking about Don Strock and Scott Mitchell for the next post for the old timer and the over weight QB comparisons for Tanny.