Sunday, September 07, 2014

Dolphins 33 Patriots 20, immediate reaction

What a game. From the opening drive with the blocked punt and then an early lead to a 20-10 deficit at halftime and then domination in the 2nd half, it was a fun roller coaster. These are my immediate reactions from the game:

  • Knowshown Moreno provided a huge lift to the team when it needed it most. He ran every play like he was on the bubble fighting for a spot on the team. I can not say how great of a game he had enough.
  • Wallace was moved around everywhere and was able do a lot of damage, it was nice to see him bounce back after his fumble.
  • Tannehill played good, in the beginning he struggled a little, but as the game progressed he got better which is always a positive sign.
  • The defense was strong all the way through. Considering we gave up 3 turnovers in the 1st half to the Brady lead Patriots, 20 points isn't too bad. In the 2nd half the linebackers played great and the defensive line was outstanding. 
  • Wake needs his own bullet point, that man was impressive today and as Moreno pumped up the offense, Wake pumped up the defense.
  • The offensive line played very well, I was very impressed by their run blocking and they gave Tannehill time for the most part. 
  • Special teams did their part, no missed extra points or FGs and good punting. Landry made a mistake with his positioning one return but he will learn.
  • Great job on the coaching end, as this time is was Philbin who made the correct adjustments at the half that outsmarted the great Belichick. The new offense is very exciting to watch and it was nice to see how they used Wallace, moving him everywhere and sticking to what worked.
  • The emphasis next game should be red zone offense and limiting turnovers, but you have to be very happy with the way the Dolphins played and the direction they are going. 
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Thank you Cam Wake. Get Brady's uniform dirty and pretty boy gets rattled.

I disagree about Tannehill playing close to good. He left a lot of points on the field and that underthrow of Wallace was a 14 point swing. If Tannehill had "played good" this game would could have easily been a 40-13 beatdown.

Tannehill needs to pick up his game. He's had a solid receiving corps for a year. Now Tannehill has a running game, decent protection, and modern profession football playcalling there are no more excuses. Time for Ryan to step up an take was is his.


A win, a beat down and still not enough. still have something to bitch about... great fans..

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Even in his post game interview, Wallace said "we left about 3 touchdowns on the field".

I'm not bitching. I want Tannehill to be great. If he steps up his game, this team can be a Super Bowl contender. Tannehill not very good today, and we shouldn't just just it ride.


While Tannehill could have played better, only one of the four TDs the 'Phins left on the field were his fault, according to Dave Hyde: "On the first, Wallace broke deep and had inside position early in the second quarter. A good pass and it’s a touchdown. Tannehill underthrew him and New England’s Alphonzo Dennard intercepted. In the second quarter, Wallace broke free in the end zone. Tannehill, rolling out, made a good throw. Wallace didn’t get both feet inbounds. That’s 14 points. Tannehill, in fact, had two more catchable touchdowns dropped by Dion Sims and Brian Hartline.",0,2564394.story

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@Deof Movestofca

I'm not sure how you can say Tannehill's throw to Wallace OOB was good. That was a back shoulder pass when Wallace was wide open in the corner of the endzone. The placement was horrible. All you can say is that Tannehill recognized the play, which is good - but a great QB puts the ball where the WR is not OOB.

We need Tannehill to make that play, and certainly not throw an INT when his WR is open for a TD.


@linearz: Take it up with Dave Hyde.

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Well, if Dave Hyde said it, it has to be true!

Cote wrote a nice column today saying he thinks these Dolphins may have a chance to go deep. Nice optimism from another local writer - though I think Cote and Hyde tend to be the most optimistic. I still agree this team can push deep in the playoffs, with the caviat that Tannehill has to step up his game. The other ingredients are there.

Hickey had a good offseason.


Good is an understatement. Hickey had the best offseason we have had in at least 10 years. Who gets guys like A, Johnson, C McCain, D Williams, G Hoskins AFTER the draft? It is unheard of to get that many solid players after the draft. Not to mention the guys he added in the draft like Landry and James. So far it looks like the biggest offseason move was getting rid of Ireland and hiring Hickey.