Monday, September 22, 2014

Does The "Peter Principle" Apply to Joe Philbin?

Back in 1969, Lawrence J. Peter co-authored the book "The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong".

In it, he theorized that companies take a perfectly good salesman and promote him to sales manager where he may still perform well and then move him up again and again until he reaches a position that he no longer is as productive as he was in a prior position.

Hence, they are promoted to their level of incompetence.

Joe Philbin may very well have been an excellent O-Line coach.

He may have been an excellent Offensive Coordinator.

But does he lack the qualities necessary to be an effective Head Coach?

His game time management skills are not good. This is a problem as the Head Coach determines the use of time outs in the closing minutes of a half.

Case in point: his mismanagement of our last TO before halftime wasting 20 seconds which could have been used to run another play or two.

His ability to motivate is nonexistent. Maybe its just not in his DNA. The team doesn't seem to have any fire in their bellies.

His squad makes bonehead mistakes for absolutely no reason such as Hartline's Putting with the Stars and one of our coaches bumped an official early in the game, each resulting in 15 yard field position changing penalties. Plus, one of our gunners was flagged for illegal substitution for not going inside the numbers prior to coming back towards tthe sideline to line up for the punt.

These are just stupid penalties that have nothing yo do with talent or ability but actually are the product of a lack of discipline.

Philbin doesn't have the nerve to make necessary changes in players or the coaching staff when the lack of production warrants it.  He may be too nice a guy.  Which is fine if you're an Uncle but its not a quality I would look for in my Head Coach.  We all know were nice guys finish.

Maybe he is starting to read the writing on the wall as Ryan Tannehill hasn't been confirmed to be the starting QB for this Sunday against Oakland.

I do believe that Head Coaches deserve at least 4 years to build their team and implement their system. Provided, of course, that they can manage the game, instill discipline and motivate the team.

Unfortunately, I am losing patience waiting for a light to suddenly come on. There just may not be enough power or there may not be the proper connections in place for that to happen.

Maybe, just maybe, Philbin is in over his head.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Philbin is in over his head. It's obvious. There are teams doing way more with way less talent and that is coaching. Chargers, Browns, Jets, Bills, Kansas City, I can go on and on and on. PHILBIN NEEDS TO GO! And Coyle and Rizzi can follow him out the door.


Rizzi should have been gone long ago.


Carl, Philbin is ok; unless he tries to hang onto Tannehill continuing to start. If so; Philbin has to go and will go after this season. Philbin can save his job if he starts Matt Moore NOW! Without Knowshon Mereno we need the deep ball and Matt Moore can deliver. Matt Moore to Wallace will put games out of reach in the firsthalf. I believe Tannehill has vision problems, as was mentioned by another comment; perhaps from all of the hits that he has taken. We need to start Moore now because we cannot afford to fall deeper in the race. The offense does not want to play with Tannehill any longer. Philbin had better make the change NOW! He won't regret it!


Well we all know you like Matt Moore alot.

By chance, David, are you related?


the way this team is being coached moore may not be any help either..moore is more of a gunslinger & has better presence in the pocket but hes not a playoff caliber qb..&im afraid tanny might not be either..its hard 2judge tanny based on 1st & foremost bad seems to me other teams are doing better with less talent


Agree T Bone. I just recall how hard it is to get even a decent QB. I have had enough of the Cleo Lemons, AJ Feelys, the list goes on and on. I would rather see a new coach working with Tannehill next year and add a rookie to double up on our chances to get a good one. I think you hit the nail on the head with Moore. He just is not going to be an elite QB. We need to consider investing a #1 pick into a QB in the coming draft but I have a nightmare of Tannehill going to New England and starting there after Brady and lighting up for a decade because we did not give it time


Could you imagine, T Bone and gofins4sb, Tannehill taking the Pats to the SB. That would be a nightmare.

Tannehill has all the physical tools you would want in an NFL QB. When the light comes on lookout.


Is our coaching staff so in love with it's own ego that they won't adjust their game plan? I'll make it very simple for you morons. Passing game = bad...Running game = good...SOLUTION = run the freakin ball! 7.2 yards/carry tells you all you need to know.


Good point Bill.


no one has blamed the QB coach yet.