Monday, September 22, 2014

About me...

Every year or so, I remind everyone (when I start sounding fair-weathered) about me...

I was a fan from the early 70s.  Loved this team through high school and college, and beyond....was a season ticket for a number of years and sat through every game I went to...

I started a website (that became this blog) as one of the first on the block (Curt at probably beat me by a couple of weeks), and was as passionate as anyone.  I helped found finsradio.  I was a good ambassador for the team. And still followed them through Nick, Cam, and into Sparano.

But everyone has a breaking point, and somewhere in there, among all the relative lies, poor performances, and lack of leadership *anywhere*, I stopped watching every week.

Over the last few years, I have found more enjoyment watching RedZone, and the entertainment aspect more than *any* single game.  I have a fantasy team and its fun to key in on performances. 

And while I tried to make Dolphins fans out of my boys, well, that hasn't worked so well.  The team didn't capture their interest, and they are fans of individual players rather than a team.

That's how it goes.  I don't believe that makes me fair-weathered.  And to be fair, even in the unlikely scenario that the team went on a tear, and finished 14-2, and was the favorite to win it all, I don't think I would ever go back to watching every week.
You may notice that I only comment occasionally on this blog, and its more observational, and about a general topic.  That's because I don't want to come off as a "true fan" ... I still care to a point, and feel a need to comment at times. Just about what I'm seeing...
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Dave, you love the game and that's what is important.

You were an important player in the beginning of the Dolphins' journey into this medium. A true pioneer!

I enjoy reading your posts Dave so keep 'em coming.

I enjoy your posts and feel blessed to have the opportunity to blog here.


Did I mention that I enjoy reading your posts?

Because I do enjoy reading them.

They bring me mucho enjoymento.