Monday, September 15, 2014

A Lot Of Tough Questions Surrounding These Phins...

OK, so we all know how much losing to Buffalo sucked this last Sunday, let’s just face it, as Phillip Wheeler said, “The Miami Dolphins are built to beat the Patriots, unfortunately, the Bills are built to beat the Dolphins.” That statement hits home on so many levels and couldn’t be more true but we have to move forward to Kansas City. There are a lot of questions that came up after the loss so let us try to see if we can offer each other some insight shall we? OK good.

As you all know, I think Lamar Miller needs to be demoted. I was a big advocate for him in the offseason but he has shown me nothing. He cannot pass block, he can’t catch, he can’t break tackles, and this so called “breakaway speed” that he supposedly possesses has not shown in his entire career, not once. This puts us in a bit of a pickle considering Knowshon Moreno is out for at least a month with a dislocated and possibly fractured elbow. We need Damien Williams to step up in a big way ASAP because if Miller is our main back then we are in a world of trouble. I don’t see the recently signed Daniel Thomas making much of an impact because if he was that good, he would have been kept over Williams and Orleans Darkwa. It was an interesting move by Hickey though, I believe it was just to bring some temporary depth until our backs can heal up. Do you see a silver lining here??

Is Ryan Tannehill our franchise QB or not???! There are arguments on both sides here. I believe Tannehill played well against the Bills, not great, but well. He still has not found that killer instinct that I would like to see, maybe he doesn’t have it? Who knows. Overall he did well. Pro Football Focus is a well respected analysis site that takes into account things like receiver drops and things of that sort, that site has Tannehill rated as the # 2 QB behind only Matt Ryan!! NUMBER 2!!! What are your thoughts on that since it is fair to say that the Buffalo loss was not all on Tannehill, as Philbin said, “it was a team loss”…

The defense must play better. I can see Spiller & Jackson having a decent day against us but a rookie WR making our secondary look non existent? Unacceptable to me. We have 2 pro bowl corners, surely we could have and should have came up with a game plan to not let him make us look like fools. This has to get corrected.  Your thoughts on the defense?

In my preseason predictions, I had the Dolphins starting out 3-1 with our only loss of the first four games to Kansas City. I still believe we can and should end up at 3-1 since Jamaal Charles has suffered a high ankle sprain and will most likely be limited against the Dolphins if not ruled out altogether. Without Charles, Miami’s chances of winning this coming Sunday sky rocket. I will offer my predictions for that game later in the week. What are your thoughts on the Dolphins over all after 2 games?...
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The more excuses are being made for Philbin, Tannehill and Coyle, the longer this team will remain 2nd tier or worse....


@ Gary Lowman: AGREED! I firmly believe that if the Dolphins do not make the playoffs this year, it is time to push the reset button. They have to show progress


Well, this team is no different than any of the last 10-15 teams that have been assembled. Somebody needs to explain to me how a team can trash the Pats (as we did last season ...ok at least once) then come out a play like they don't care and wind up loosing to a team we really need to beat, please explain,,I'll wait....I said it last year and I'll say is again there is no drive or heart in this team and there hasn't been for a long time, as far as our QB is concerned don't get me started, hole me back Lamont! Pitiful absolutely pitiful.


@ david6660: I am not giving the Dolphins a pass against the Bills, we should have played a waaaaaaaayyyy better game BUT Buffalo is a matchup nightmare for the Dolphins, they always have been. Still no excuse for the performance, I just wanted to point that out


We don't have many choices with the RB position. At the very least, Thomas knows the playbook and can play right away so he makes the most sense to bring in for a month or so. Since he was cut he may come in with a new attitude and run harder than he ever ran before.

I wouldn't get rid of Philbin after only 3 years. He isn't that bad that we need to overhaul the system again. Coaches need some time to develop and implement. Do you think the Browns wish they still had Belichick? Chuck Knoll was 12-30 his first three years.

I wouldn't dump Tannehill either but I would draft a QB next year regardless of how he does this year. High draft pick if Tannehill doesn't play well or mid round if he does.

We can still be 3-1. We got KC at home and then Oakland so 3-1 is not out of the question.


The answer to the question of why the Dolphins beat the Pats and lost to the Bills is the same answer as why The Seahawks lost to the Chargers. It is actually the same answer as to why the 72 Phins are the only undefeated teams. This is not college football. All these teams are pretty close. Buffalo is hardly an offensive power house and we have them at home on prime time next. I am feeling solid at 1 and 1 with our win over the Pat. To me they are clearly the team to try to beat in the East still.


I am not sure why you guys are targeting Coyle after the first to games. The Defensive played well in Buffalo consider the situations they were put in. I am not settled on Tannehill and Philbin but if I look back at what we had at QB and Coaches for the last decade I have a hard time pointing out who has been better. Sproano was the worst coach in scheme we ever had, Saban was the least moral coach we ever had. Parcells was in it for Parcells as GM. Options we had? Jeff Fisher has not exactly been amazing in Saint Louis considering the amount of draft picks he had. But of course people attacked Ross for going after Harbaugh? I would love to have Shula and Marino but in my mind we have a much greater chance of getting worse than we do getting better giving up on what is here right now.


@gofins: good point about our past and possible future coaches. I didn't think of it that way but as for our defense, they played fair IMO. Not horrible but not great, but to have a rookie WR run all over the field and pick us apart with not 1, but 2 pro bowl corners is unacceptable. It's not like he had a few catches, no, he ripped us apart ALL DAY! unacceptable!


Watkins is one hell of an athlete, rookie or not.

When we had Wannstedt and Fiedler no one was happy. All they did was win 43 games in 4 years and we haven't done squat since, except for Sparano/Pennington going 11-5.

Watch what you wish for.


@ Carl: I am not wishing for new coaches, just a better job of the ones we have!


I hear ya Lawrence


I will admit, I was really upset with the loss to Buffalo. I was saying "same old Dolphins."
I've had time to calm down and be rational. This is what I think after a lot of thought:
There really isn't any one person or unit to blame. The whole team played like garbage for the most part. I do not agree with Philbin's decision to play conservative in the last 2 minutes of the first half and from Bill Lazor's comments, he doesn't either. You can tell it wasn't his decision and he would have gone for the 2-minute drill. The NFL is no longer a league for that type of play. It's fast-paced, and successful teams never slow down, whether in the lead or trailing. Miami has been very effective in the 2-minute drill, both in practice and in games. Miami lost because they made a ton of dumb mistakes and did not play to their strengths.
One strength they are still neglecting is RT's ability to scramble. He is very fast and athletic. Very accurate throwing on the run. Miami is not utilizing this talent. Should he run all the time like RG3? Absolutely not. But I'm seeing opportunities on the field to run and slide for first downs and it's not happening. Tannehill has all the skills that you can't teach. Right now he is weak on his timing and deep pass, but these are skills that can develop. The good thing is he CAN throw deep. QB's who lack the power to throw deep typically never develop it. You either have it or you don't and RT has it. He just needs to hone it in. And where he lacks in that area, he could be making up for in his athleticism if they would let him more often….


Another strength is pass defense. But where was it Sunday? Our DBs are going to need to bring their A game every week. They should not be getting schooled by the Bills. The Bills are a running team.
Our biggest strengths are WR and D-line. The WRs did not do enough to get open Sunday. There were some dropped passes that should have been caught. It is not even debatable that Miami has the best WR group in the AFC East. They need to play like it every week. The D-line got no pressure on Manuel. Here is an interesting stat that I haven't heard a lot of people talking about: 0 sacks, 0 QB hits, 0 turnovers. Those stats alone could be why Miami lost. The D-line has to play the way they did against NE EVERY WEEK. Period.

Special teams was a joke. Every part of it. The ST Coordinator and each and every player on it. No excuse for a blocked punt and muffed punt, especially when the Bills were playing so mistake free.

Everyone is quick to jump on the reset button, but the reset button needs to be disconnected. The reset button is the REASON Miami has been in such bad shape for so long. How many coaches have we gone through? You know what all the good teams have in common? Consistency. You can't just hit the reset button every three years. I don't know when or why that became the standard, but the same teams have been doing it for years and failing...


Believe it or not, there were some positives to take from the game:

1. RT didn't throw any picks. I'm not counting that one at the end. That was garbage time. I was happy to at least see him going to the end zone and make it respectable. He protected the ball as well as you could have asked for considering all the pressure from the Bills defense.

2. The rookie RB Damien Williams looked pretty good all things considered. I'm interested in finding out what he can do. If he can even block better than Miller, that's enough for me to say start him over Miller.

3. Jelani Jenkins played with a lot of heart and intensity. He was in on 14 tackles total with 9 of those being solo. He is looking good and could provide an answer to the LB issues in the future if not now. Trusnik looked pretty good to totaling 10 tackles with 5 being solo. The LB group might have more talent and depth than we thought.

The fact is, Miami was playing a super-pumped Bills team that just came off a big road win, playing their home opener, just found out that their future in upstate NY is safe, had Jim Kelly pumping up the already psyched up crowd, and already seems to have Miami's number as it is. And division games are always tough. Lets see if the phins can at least go 3-3 in the division and be more consistent in non-division games. I think they can easily start 3-1. Then they play a packers team that the Jets almost beat. If the Jets can do that, Miami can too.

So don't give up yet. The season just started.