Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A couple of quick takes from the cheap seats

As many of you know, I don't follow the Dolphins like I once did, and we have fallen in "love with" the Red Zone channel  So, on any given Sunday, we're watching that rather than a live game.

But I still listen to south Florida sports talk at times.  And after the Patriots game there was some (mildly tempered) enthusiasm for the Fins - 'they're gonna do great' seemed to be the theme.  And then this week, I heard a lot more negativity - 'tannehill is no good' and 'here we go again' were the two common lines.

I wanted to make one point about tannehill, and that is that he if you look at this year (so far) and his last two at the end of the '13 campaign, you realize he's now got 4 so-so games in a row. People still wonder about him and whether he's any good. 

Consider all of the QBs drafted 1st or 2nd round in, say, the last several years (excepting of course for the last draft).  How many of them are still on that bubble of we're not sure?  If I'm not mistaken, tannehill is the only one - the rest are considered either busts or successful....

Now on to a more general topic of the NFL and its continuing image problem. A number of players came to APs defense saying that it wasn't a big deal, and its part of growing up.  You listen to the Ravens players after their game and they wanted to win for Ray Rice because he's a good guy.

And then this morning, former line coach Jim Turner appeared on Mike & Mike to give his side of the goings-on the Incognito thing.  He basically said things were taken out of context, and the locker room is where boys are boys.  Essentially that is/was the root of the issue in the first place.

Are any of these guys right or wrong?  A lot of this is moral issues, and whether you agree with the "media", the coaches, the players, or even take a different view, the players in those locker rooms need to change in some way. 

Like it or not, this is our current society, and these guys need to stand up to the personal conduct clauses, and be good people - or at least give that appearance outwardly to the public.  And the NFL needs to take a stand to make it happen.
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Who wants to admit they are wrong??

Unfortunately very few people. Everyone wants to blame the circumstances, the weather, their family upbringing, their neighbors cat, etc.

Other than Dan Marino, who was the last person that just stepped up and said I was wrong and will do the right thing to make it right?

That's why Marino's affair faded and fast.


Good call Carl.


Unfortunately there is only one Dan Marino. Could we ever be blessed twice?

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Tannehill got a pass from a lot of fans because he did not have a lot of QB experience. This was stupid - that should have made him a second rounder at best. But, if I'm not mistaken, we didn't have a second round pick that year. So, after missing on so many other QBs, Ireland picked the one guy that people were clamouring for. He probably thought it would save his job.

Ireland was the worst thing to happen to this team. But now Ireland is gone. If Tannehill doesn't turn it around soon, there will be nobody left to protect him.