Sunday, August 10, 2014

Training camp notes and much more

As Chad mentioned before we both went to the Dolphins training camp for their sort of pre-web weekend training camp. It was a great time and I was able to learn a lot while I was there. The Dolphin's CEO Tom Garnfinkel gave us the rundown of the new stadium they have in store. Some of the seats will be moved next season and the stadium itself should all be completed in 2 years. It appears a lot of planning went into the new stadium and I think this is a necessity in order to bring a more appealing look to Sun Life in order to bring a possible Super Bowl. From that aspect I am excited for the new look and think it will look great.

As far as what will be playing in Sun Life, the Dolphins had what Omar Kelly described on twitter " far the most boring Dolphins practice of the yr." There were no 11 on 11 drills and for the most part it was just drills in their respective positions all throughout. 

  • Jarvis Landry looked very quick out there and is someone I can not wait to see in this new offense in the regular season
  • I think Lamar Miller will surprise a lot of us. He gained around 8 lbs of muscle while also trying to maintain the speed he is known for. I think last season got to him, so expect a comeback this season
  • The linebackers will be something to keep an eye on all season. Koa Misi looked good out there from what I saw, and I think the switch to inside is a way of keeping him on the field more.
  • When we interview Odrick he mentioned a new workout routine and eating habits this offseason. He claims it has helped him keep more balance, so we will see how that affects how he plays.
Also on a separate note, I was waiting in the parking lot and I saw Mike Pouncey entering the stadium, he walked a little funny but I think he looked good for the most part. I wouldn't guess he would be out for half the season just by looking at him. Barring being able to physically walk good and physically playing football at a professional level are two different levels, lets just hope it is just a few games and not half the season.  

Below I added a few photos I was able to take in case you are interested. Also Chad had a few on his twitter, click here to check them out.

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