Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Logan Mankins Trade & How It Could Impact The Phins...

So in case you have not heard yet, Logan Mankins, arguably the Patriots best offensive lineman, has been traded to Tampa Bay for TE Timothy Wright and an "undisclosed draft pick". OK, so here are my thoughts: My first reaction was "GREAT! Now we will feast on Brady for sure!!" Then after thinking it over it may or may not be a good thing for the Phins. The thing to look at here is who will replace Mankins? Alex Boone from the 49ers? Maybe another trade coming for NE? If so, who or what will the Pats have to give up? Could Incognito replace Mankins? Sounds silly with everything that has gone on in his life but the bottom line is that the dude is one hell of a guard and if anyone can keep him walking a straight line, its Bill Belicheck. Something to keep an eye on for sure... Another important thing to consider is why would NE trade for a TE? Is Gronk's health worse off than everyone thinks? Do they not think he will make it through a full season yet again? Or on the opposite end of that, are the Patriots looking to have that 1,2 punch again like they did with Gronk & Hernandez? I personally believe that Belicheck will turn Timothy Wright into an absolute beast like he did with Gronk & Hernandez. There is a lot to think about here if you are a Dolphins fan. I do not think Timothy Wright will have a huge impact on the season opener. He needs to learn the playbook first & foremost and I do not think he can accomplish that feat by the time the season starts. The idea of having to cover 2 dynamic tight ends again scares the crap out of me being a Dolphins fan. If anyone knows anything else about the trade or even has any other scenarios to consider, I would like to hear them in the comments! Is this trade good or bad for the Dolphins???...
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