Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tannehill Needs To Get Out Of His Own Head...

Ryan Tannehill played the worst games of the preseason so far. He made a horrible decision to throw into triple coverage only to be intercepted and he overthrew a wide open Mike Wallace by at least 10 yards.

Tannehill said the triple coverage throw was a "bad decision" and when asked about his overthrow of Wallace, he went on about "...It was my fault...I need to trust Mike to get back to his landmark...Just like how we talked about it in practice..." WHAT?!? LAND MARK?! I love the progress that Ryan has made this offseason but he is overthinking this whole deep ball thing with Wallace.

If you saw the throw, then you would see that the ball was thrown flat, no air underneath it, no hang time to give Wallace time to run under it but somehow it still went 10 yards above his head. It was almost like Ryan was trying to throw a seam route which is meant to be a bullet, A deep go route is not the same kind of throw!

Please for the sake of Dolphins fans everywhere, Ryan, put some air under the ball! Mike Tomlin stopped practice in disbelief when Big Ben over threw Wallace back in his Steeler days because it's not supposed to happen too often!

Stop worrying about "land marks" and just throw the damn ball! Mike will find the ball for you, it's not that difficult!

I love the look of the offense and all the potential this team has. This offense can murder opposing defenses if we can connect on the deep ball!

Ryan just needs to get our of his own head....

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They do throw to landmarks and its up to the receiver to get there.
They only have a couple seconds to read the coverage, look off a safety and throw to an open receiver. Short passes are easy. Slants and crosses are easy.
Deep balls require trust. Throw it to a spot and trust the receiver gets there. Hopefullly he doesn't get held or knocked off his route. If the QB holds the ball too long, the safety can react or he can get sacked.
Guys have bad games. The idea is too have enough talent either running the ball or playing great defense to offset a bad QB day.
Marino made it look so easy because he had all day to throw. Nobody pass blocked better than us.
But I agree that he needs to just wing it and trust.


Hey Carl, if you have some connections, perhaps you can setup a way for me to offer my services. Let me explain. I can help Tannehill throw the deep ball with accuracy within one week Guaranteed. I will not do it free though. If we can use a QB who can throw the deep ball accurately then we will blow most teams out in the first half like the 2007 Patriots and ofcourse the 84 dolphins! I am serious!!!


Based on the look of the throw Carl, Tannehill is overthinking it. He threw it way too flat. All he needs is to connect on one to get passed this mental block he has! If I was Lazor and Philbin, for the final preseason game against the Rams, I tell Tannehill to throw it deep at least 3 times hoping he connects on one! Something has got to give! He is a top 10 QB this year if he can figure this out!


needs to throw bomb with higher arch


Tannehill ain't playing.

"Let her fly, Ryan, let her fly!"


You can't change mechanics at this level. The kid is a mouth breather and has been throwing flat his whole life. On the first day of camp the crowd was yelling "get it out!" Watching live makes a big difference (or having overhead tape). This is old news on an experiment foisted upon us by Mike Sherman and Philbin.

That said, Lazor's offense will mask his dificiencies to some extent (quick slants and screens, presnap movement, etc.). It is frustrating watching Moore hook up deep, but neither of them is the answer for a playoff starter.

Admit it and move on in the draft next year. Hickey is not signing off on an extension.


He's being coached to throw to landmarks!


@ Recidivist: I would disagree, Nick Foles upped his QBR by 40 points last year just off of a change in mechanics.

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"Marino made it look so easy because he had all day to throw."

No. Marino made it look so easy because he was Dan friggen Marino.

Even if Tannehill had Marino style protection and an entire offence designed around him, Tannehill would not be as good a Marino. Tannhills release still slower, he doesn't have Marino's touch and accuracy, and his pocket presence is not even close to Marino's. This is all completely ignoring the fact that by his third season, Marino could figure out what the Defence was doing before the Defence knew that it was doing.

But what NFL QB has Marino's skills? Tom Brady? Payton Manning? Drew Brees?

Tannehill has showed little sign of being in this class. I don't think we can really expect that to happen.