Monday, August 25, 2014

Start Matt Moore!

I watched a replay of the Dolphins game, and hands down Matt Moore outplayed Ryan Tannehill.  Its not even up for debate.

Tannehill couldn't hit the broadside of a barn, and never connected with Mike Wallace.  And when he left the game the team had scored 11 points.

Meanwhile Moore came in was effective, efficient, hit Wallace several times, and scored two TDs.

If Philbin wants to hit 25 a game, then Moore is the guy!  Start him already!  

Come on Marino, you know QBs, tell Philbin that Moore should be the guy..
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....versus backups & #3's.


Hey Ray, it is a no-brainer! Everyone with a teaspoon of insight are frustrated because Matt Moore is not starting right now. However, Dan Marino is straightforward and he should make his presence felt by highly recommending that we start Matt Moore. This move will show the masses how valuable Dan the Man is to the organization.


Harry, Matt Moore played against the 1st string defense last week and it was business as usual. We only had 3 points; then against the starting defense Matt Moore added 2 TDs. If we want to assure a playoff spot and meet Seattle in the Superbowl this season. then we had better start Matt Moore.


Knee Jerk Reactions


You guys are idiots. You place way too much emphasis on preseason games and it's 100% clear why you aren't coaches. (Thankfully) You guys have short memories on what it's like having Matt for a starting QB when the games count.


Negative ghost rider!!!! Tannehill may be having trouble hitting the long ball as I stated in my most recent post but he is light years more consistent than Moore! Tannehill gives us the best chance to win week in and week out


Ray is stiring the pot. Lol


Trade THill for two #1 picks trade Moore for a 2nd. Start Brady Quinn. win 13 games and then stomp the seahawks in the SB with air Quinn Offense. Sign Quinn to 100 million dollar 8 year deal fill Trophy case over the next decade. Oh and hire me as GM to.


Lol what a joke. Getting tired of the nonse.

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I'm going to be the first to call it. Matt Moore will take tanehills seat this year. This will start a new era in Miami. Remember this comment when it happens.


To think I once thought of this bpog of being reoative and isightful is embarrassinb on my end. Last article I read. Atrocious.


Hey Finkle, we need a kicker.


Yes, a kicker is certainly needed. I can still do it! :)

At least neither Tannehill or Moore holds for whoever is kicking....Laces out Dan, laces out! Not that I'm still holding on to that...

(counts to 10)

On the subject of Tannehill/Moore, I am not stirring the pot, I really believe that Moore is better. I had faith in Tannehill, but I am unimpressed by his body of work, and I don't want to wait anymore....and don't forget Moore was MVP a couple of seasons ago. He seems to me (and apparently some others) that he has more upside. Its not knee-jerk, its observation.

Its my opinion, and not that of any of the other writers on the blog. So Ryan and whoever, feel free to ignore anything I write.

But, I'm realistic and I know, it will never happen. Coaches are creatures of habit. Tannehill is Philbin's guy. End of story.

But then I am not a fan of Philbin's either.


I am usually not surprised or comment on knee-jerk reactions but this time but this time I find myself a bit more irritated. It was very obvious that the dolphins game plan had 2 main objectives (in fact most papers preached it for a week) 1. Determine if the first team offense could run the ball. 2) Establish if the first team LB core could tackle.

The coaching staff did exactly what they wanted to do and in addition they did not need to dictate to New England their entire playbook for opening day.

Once the starters came out the game plan changed their objectives were 1) figure out who they plan to keep through the first round of cuts 2) win the game
The initial handcuffs came off and lucky for Moore his pick 6 did not put him too much in the hole and was able to move the ball well against 2nd, 3rd, and eventual burger king employee’s to recover.

Sadly though if the coaching staff thought with knee-jerk reaction we would end up joining Detroit, Cleveland and up and coming Buffalo in the NFL circle of despair.
For those that are not familiar it goes exactly like this:

Hire coach, draft QB, let other positions degrade, fire GM, hire GM, allow the new QB to struggle with a depleted defense, fire coach, higher coach, draft QB, struggle with a further depleted cast, fire GM, higher GM and then repeat for a half of century without a threat of a championship.

Moore is not the answer for, well, actually any team. He knows it and that is why he is perfectly satisfied playing the part of Don Strock for the rest of his 5 plus years in the NFL. And it would be nice if people took game plans into consideration when thinking about stats, scoring and performance but unfortunately most kind of lean toward 2-d thinking.


I like your thinking Ken.

And you are on point with the game plan. We needed to pound the ball and get Moreno in a rhythm.

As far as QBs go, neither one is a super star but Tannehill has much more upside than I would stay with him for the season. Tannehill can be a super star and Moore has peaked.


I agree Carl. Tannehill can be very frustrating at times, especially with the deep ball but he gives us the best chance to win every week. Moore May hit more deep balls but he also throws a ton of INTs. Hopefully Tannehill gets over what I believe is a mental block and starts hitting more deep balls and we will be sitting in great position, especially with the way our defense is playing. Love Cortland Finnegan on our D! He plays with some purpose! Did anyone see him slam Dez Bryant to the floor last Saturday!!?....


I just watched the play everyone is hooting and hollering about.

First of all, we hav the ball on Dallas 35 yd line so I dont consider this a deep pass.

Second and more importantly, Wallace is wide open but he doesn't look back, Tannehill is looking right at him and wants to get him the ball immediately. If Wallace looks back as soon as he gets open instead of 8 yards further down field, I think Tannehill hits him in stride. And I think Tannehill wanted the same. But when he keeps running I think Tannehill was committed to a clothes line throw instead of adjusting to lob it out there.

Bottom line: Wallace is so wide open that it is just rediculous to not score 6 points there.


Now I just saw the bomb from Moore to Williams and that was a beauty.

Everyone can argue for Matt Moore but Tannehill is gonna start. He is bigger, quicker, stronger arm and now has this last opportunity toprove himself.


THANK YOU CARL! The last line of your comment is exactly what I have been saying!!


About the Tannehill throw, not the Moore one...

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Matt Moore is a backup. A good backup, but a backup none the less.

Moore's bomb was sweet and something Tannehill could learn from, but Moore also threw a pick 6 on that screen pass that was telegraphed and poorly thrown.

The real question is: "Is Tannehill a starter or a backup". In an effort to make up for all the QBs we have previously missed on drafting, the front office over-valued Tannehill. Tannehill may have been available in the second round, but no way Ireland was going to wear the "missed another QB in the draft" dunce cap again.

Since Tannehill had only QB'd for two years, we were stuck with an undeveloped QB drafted in a position where expectations are to start and excel immediately. Not a recipe for success, or at least a recipe for measuring success. We still don't know if Tannehill is a true first round pick, or a guy who will be a career back-up.

This is the year we find out. If Tennehill proves himself a backup, then we will likely see Moore who seems a more polished player. Tannehill should then sit safely on the bench where we can preserve his health for trade value.