Monday, August 25, 2014

Rizzi Has Got To Go.

I am sorry but I have seen enough special teams mistakes from last year that I was certain that we would have had a new special teams coordinator as soon as last season ended.

How Darren Rizzi avoided the butchers block is beyond me.

Saturday's gaffes included a blocked punt, Jarvis Landry  attempting to run a kick off back from 9 yards deep in the endzone and our kick off coverage unit gave up 147 yards on 5 returns. That's 29.4 yards per attempt.

We need new leadership in our special teams. We need a new approach. We need a better teacher.

We need a new coach!

Will Philbin come to the same conclusion?

 Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Loyal Philbin doesn't know how to fire. Sherman fired himself.


Agreed. Rizzo is just as bad as his former boss (name escapes me)!


Seriously those players made the decisions to return it from deep themselves and that 29.4 average came from missed tackles. Weak argument here.


The players are coached each day. If you don't instill discipline daily then they will do what they want when they want.

There needs to be a "Fear of God" or some new form of motivation placed on this unit so that guys don't run out of bounds and then touch the ball first, run it back from 9 yards deep in the endzone, snap the ball into the holders facemask, poor tackling, we can go on and on.
How much time do you have?