Friday, August 08, 2014

Post Game Stock Report - Dolphins-Falcons

                                 Just a quick summary of what I saw in the first preseason game.

On The Rise

Ryan Tannehill – Perfect 6-6 on his only series

Lamar Miller – Looked vastly improved

Brandon Gibson – Still has the chemistry with Tannehill

Rishard Mathews – Made a strong move to take the #5 WR

Jarvis Landry – Nice Punt Return – Hard to Judge with a limited QB

Damien Williams(RB) – Nice Kick Return–He flashed some nice speed and power and made some tough catches out of the backfield. – Very disappointed he was hurt.

Starting OLine – No Big Mistakes – Converted a 3rd and One

JaWuan James – Played 3 Quarters and held his own.

Will Davis – Almost picked off 3 passes. Not perfect but you can see the talent

Randy Starks – Is a beast

Brett Brackett – For a guy just off the street he has some big receptions.  With the uncertainty behind Clay at TE. He made a big jump towards making the team


Did not hurt their cause

Anthony “the freak” Johnson – I saw him getting some penetration but also was not dominating against 2nd and 3rd string players.

Terrance Fede – See above – Saw some flashes but was not dominating back-ups

Jamar Taylor – Falcons did not test him much. But did not give up anything big.

Mike Gillislee – Had some nice looking one cut and up field runs.

Billy Turner – Looked solid in run blocking but gave up a sack on a blown block

Chris McCain – Made several plays and seems to have a knack for getting to the ball. Also took a bad angle in pass coverage and gave up a big play.


On the Slide

Starting Linebackers – Wheeler had a dumb Penalty, Misi missed a tackle for a loss. The Falcons backs smoked them running off tackle several times. Ellerbe was beat in coverage. 

Reshad Jones – Suspended  For PED. Obviously that hurts him and the team.

Daniel Thomas – With Williams showing some talent and Moreno about ready to return – This was a game he could not afford to be missing.  If Williams is out a few weeks he really needs to show up to make the team.

Michael Agnew – With Clay hurt and Brackett showing some flashes this was a game Agnew could not afford to miss either.

Jason Fox – Does not look like the answer as the #3 tackle to me. The team has to seriously consider signing McKinney for depth IMO. 

Seth Lobato – To be fair he is just learning the system. However, with Matt Moore and Pat Devlin out. He got to QB pretty much the whole game. He botched a snap on the goal line when the team could have went ahead and failed to move the team on a  2nd chance late in the 4th. That may have really been his only chance.

Matt Hazel – Failed to bring in a couple passes late in the game. Granted they were not great throws but the competition at WR is too fierce to do that.


I  saw about 80% of plays so if there is anyone I missed let me know…
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great notes. Thanks


You are the best gofins4sb!

Glad Tannehill played well.

Worried about Linebackers.


They showed some flashes of a good team. Now they have to build on that and we might be a pretty good team this year.


Agnew might not be with us come September.


Really can't wait to see what Miller does this season