Sunday, August 24, 2014

Miami vs Dallas Post Game Thoughts

Well the most entertaining preseason game is in the books as the Dolphins beat the Cowboys.  I have been watching basically every game and following every off season for the Dolphins over the last 25 years. When I look at the starting talent, overall team depth, and team chemistry, I feel like this is the best team we have easily had in the last decade.  Unfortunately, that does not guarantee this team is a playoff team but I will be very surprised if this team is not in the top 1/3 of teams in the league and as a fan I feel optimistic for the first time in a quite a long time.  This preseason game did answer some more question as the first round of cuts are looming.  Here are some of my thoughts fresh after the game.

1.)    I think Brady Quinn will be cut this week. – Matt Moore has shown why he is paid a lot. He is probably better than 4 or 5 starting QBs in the league.  I don’t see Miami keeping 3 QBs on the roster and if you are going to consider Seth Lobato for the practice squad this upcoming preseason game is the time to see if you are going to put him there. Playing Brady Quinn in the last game would accomplish very little since it is almost certain he won’t be on the final 53.

2.)    Daniel Thomas has officially been beaten out by Damien Williams. There is not a chance in hell Williams will make it through wavier to the practice squad. He has shown the ability to slam in the hole and get some YAC and also has shown the ability to break it outside. He is cheap and they have him for years to develop. Thomas is in the final year of his contract, and has not been healthy. I suspect Miami will see if there are any teams interested in trading for Thomas.  Otherwise he will be kept around in case there is an injury in the final preseason game and then released when the team goes to 53.

3.)    Miami will keep 6 Wr’s at least for the first four weeks of the season. With Pouncey, Jones, and Jordon all out for the first month of the season the Dolphins will have some open spots and I think they will keep a 6th WR. I think the 6th will be Damian Williams.  I could also see them considering a WR trade at some point if there is an injury at a different position.

4.)    Don’t get all hyped on the running game just yet. Dallas’s defense is really bad. ( I feel bad for cowboys fans, from what I saw they are in for a long year)  Miami is going to be facing two very tough D-Lines in week one and two.  With that being said Knowshon is the starter. He is our best hope to have enough of a running game to keep teams honest.

5.)    Oliver Vernon will make the pro bowl this year. Mark it down

6.)    I am making a plea to Dennis Hickey and Joe Philbin please please be looking at any and all options to acquire a decent back-up offensive tackle.  Maybe they have a target with roster cuts?

7.)    I think the Dolphins will keep two kickers for a while into the season. Maybe consider giving Nate Kaeding a call?

8.)    I could hear the fans on TV in the 4th quarter! This team is exciting to cheer for.  They feel like a team, not just a group of guys.

Granted I am a homer but watching all three preseason games in depth, I think the Dolphins would have beaten all three teams they have played so far in the regular season.   But I also don’t see Atlanta, Tampa Bay, or Dallas as playoff contenders in 2014 so I am not sure that means all that much. Let me know what you think at this point in the offseason.
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