Thursday, August 28, 2014

Just Having Some Fun!...

Hello! So I just read an article with game by game predictions and thought that it would be cool to do my own version on here, so here is goes!!

Week 1: New England-23, Miami 24 I believe we squeak out just 1 more TD than NE and win this one mostly because Belichick has no film on us yet!! Element of surprise folks!!!

Week 2: Buffalo-13, Miami-27 I still don't believe EJ Manuel is the answer down there and our line can now compete with their front 7

Week 3: Kansas City-24, Miami-21 We lose this one since we don't have anyone to cover Jamaal Charles out of the backfield

Week 4: Oakland-10, Miami 31 No need for explanation here, we should start the season out at 3-1

Week 5: BYE WEEK

Week 6: Green Bay-20, Miami 17 Aaron Rodgers is just too much to handle for our defensive backs as a unit right now

Week 7: Chicago-31, Miami-30 This is a horrible matchup for Miami & our offense should be much improved but not to the point where is outscores Da Bears!!!

Week 8: Jacksonville-13, Miami 24 We are currently the best NFL football team in Florida, this game will prove it!

Week 9: San Diego-31, Miami-35 High scoring game here & I believe Philip Rivers makes the costly turnover

Week 10: Detroit-27, Miami-30 We may not be able to stop 2 top recievers but we should be able to stop 1!!

Week 11: Buffalo-17, Miami 24 We sweep the Bills this year

Week 12: Denver-31, Miami 20 It's the best offense in the league we are facing here!!!

Week 13: NY Jets-17, Miami 10 I don't like Rex Ryan but he is a hell of a defensive minded coach

Week 14: Baltimore-20, Miami 24 Their offense isn't all that scary

Week 15: New England-24, Miami 13 I'm good with splitting with Brady/Belichick every season

Week 16: Minnesota-14, Miami 24 Same as the Detroit game, we SHOULD be able to stop Adrian Peterson since thats all they have!!

Week 17: NY Jets-10, Miami-20 Rex can't beat us twice in one season with just a good defense!!

I have Miami going 10-6 this year. It could swing to 9-7 or 11-5 depending on a game winning/losing field goal! Big year coming from Tannehill: 4500 passing yards, 30 combined passing/rushing TD's & 12 or less INT's!!

Phins up!!
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Belichick has plenty of film on Eagles.

But I like 11-5 with losses weeks 1, 7, 12, 13 and 15

GB has problems in Miami.


@ Carl: It is true that Belichick has film on the Eagles but from what I understand, Lazor's offense is a mashup of the schemes of Chip Kelly, Joe Gibbs, and Mike Holmgren. That is a lot to decipher!


They'll be ready. You can count on it.

I am more concerned with stopping Brady. They can put up 40+ points in a heart beat.


NE with a better Defense is tough to beat... BUT agree with LC. We want this more, and we haven't shown our wrinkles. And, frankly, there is nothing on their offense we haven't seen.