Thursday, August 21, 2014

It has been a while....

Hi everyone!  It has been 7 months since I last wrote here.  I owe a guy a Steak Dinner at Shula's.  So, whoever that is - contact me soon.  I want to pay up.

I got a job in January as a CPA to some touring stars; I am their Tax Manager.  Almost all of our clients are household names.  It is exciting work.  But, no excuse.  I dropped the ball and disappeared.

Last year really hurt me.  It was crushing!  I can still taste the bile in my throat.   We had the talent, but just as I said would be the ONLY reason for a non-playoff year - COACHING FAILED US!

The only silver lining was that Sherman was fired.  He was a disco dancer in a break-dance competition.

My true Diehard Phins Fans Friends feel as strongly this year as I did last year.  I compared last year's first 2 preseason games to this year's first 2 preseason games.  It is like night and day.    Last year our second teams did better, but I first teams struggled.  This year we look a bit more dynamic.  We have nearly 80% completion with Tannehill & Moore.   I like it.  Except for a few big plays in pre-season last year we still looked like we were playing in mud.

I argued with a few of you posters a few times last year that the only way to get more from this team was to change the pace - speed up, change cadence, spread-out, etc...   I believe Bill Lazor brings that with him from Philly.  Think about this.  Nick Foles, the Eagles QB, went from a 79 to a 119 rated QB in the one year with the new system, 27 TDs v. 2 INTs.   That with an offensive line that was every bit as suspect as ours.  If we improve even marginally, and score 24 points per game, we  have nearly a 90% chance of making the playoffs.  If we score over 400 points for the season, the % increases.

You have to admit, things feel different this year.  Can you believe that it will be our defense that may hold us back?  Our defense has the personnel.  It just needs to execute.  Tackle tackle tackle.  JEEZE!

Okay, here we go again:  this year's schedule is more difficult, and I still say we will have a double digit win season and make the playoffs.  Miami will go 11-5.  They will shock the world and beat the Patriots on opening day.

Yours forever in Phins Fanhood we play.

The MadPhinsFan
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That was me for Shula's! Marc, Orlando.


email me directly... check my profile.


WAIT!!! I want a steak dinner too.

To be fair, you should pick a home game and provide the tail gate party for all our followers.

Good to have you back. And November 2 will work for me.