Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hearing This Is Getting Old

I have to admit, it's a little frustrating reading how the Dolphins lack depth at the linebacker, offensive line, and numerous other positions. I agree that they lack depth, I am not disputing that at all. What I don't understand is how do all these reporters expect Miami to fix theses issues? Honestly? Rome was not built in a day. This is my point of view on the situation:

How can every NFL team have depth at every position like the media wants? They have a salary cap. This is not the MLB where all you have to do to stack your team is pay a luxury tax to have al all star team. Look at New England, Green Bay, and Denver. How is their depth at QB? I'll tell you, IT SUCKS! That goes for New Orleans too! Will those teams be considered Super Bowl favorites without their starting QB? Probably not.

Look at the Saints again, would they be considered favorites to make a deep playoff run if Jimmy Graham went down? I doubt their 2nd and 3rd string would not even compare to the caliber if tight end he is. Just ask the Patriots how that has worked out for them since Gronk has had his string of injuries. Ask the Jets how they replaced Revis a few years ago when he went down. Call Matthew Stafford and see how he would fare this year if he lost Calvin Johnson.

Ask yourself this, would you rather have Brock Osweiler (Denver's back up), Jimmy Garrappolo (New England's rookie back up), or Matt Moore (Miami's back up) trying to lead a game winning drive if the starter went down?

These are all big names, I know but my point is that if you have a premiere player at a certain position, you have to sacrifice somewhere else. The whole team cannot make 10 Million a year and yes, Miami has their fair share of big contracts. Some good and some not so good but every team is in that boat as well!

The Miami Dolphins media mean well but sometimes it makes no sense. Do they think signing some other team's leftovers will suddenly make the Phins playoff contenders? I believe with the core of guys we already have that we already are. I doubt the next Cam Wake is sitting at home waiting for an NFL team to call. Maybe, but doubtful. I think Hickey and Philbin put together a great roster to compete for the playoffs this year and maybe even the AFC East late in the season regardless of our depth at certain positions.
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In the NFL, you build depth through drafting and signing FA rookies. The salary cap and vet minimums make depth through FA impossible. The team needs to continually draft well and sit on the good cheap talent it has for as long as they can.

The consensus is that the previous GM could not draft and relied way too much on FA to build the team.

Only time will tell if Hickey can draft better, and in that time we will then be able to judge the building of depth. But to start hammering him on depth before a single one of his draft picks have played a down just shows how shallow and meaningless media analysis can be.


@ limearz: THANK YOU! It is totally unfair to judge this team before a snap has been played. Hickey has some guts starting out the roster with so many undrafted rookies but that may not be a bad thing! I do agree with you on the media though, there is nothing that will ever make them happy. I'm sure the media in Denver, New Orleans, Green Bay etc etc etc all have a laundry list of why the world is gonna end for those teams also. It's ridiculous


Good read. I'm telling you the media hates on the Dolphins!! They've been doing it for years. Small example: some writer for Bleacher put a piece out prior to training camp for all teams. A ranking at that point of how he saw the teams players, new comers(drafts & pick-ups not drafted), and how they would come together for the beginning of the season. This is around the time when these fluke ratings appear, but I decided to see what he felt about the Dolphins since everyone had them as 30, 31, or 32. OK, The O-line was an obvious issue to him & then the majority of the piece covered Mike Pouncey and this birthday party BS and him being the only returning starter the Dolphins will now have enough on their plate to not be able to fully concentrate on the issues of football. I know this is not real close to exact words, I'm going by memory. My point of this is that from what I know Mike has been cleared of any wrong doing and it was only Maurkice that took a small part in the incident. Well, about 6-8 places down were the Steelers for their review of the season. Not a single word mentioned about anything!!!
I'm very biased when it comes to this team, but I'm sick & tired of the media only having negative news about them. I can't even imagine what it would be like if Hernandez was a Dolphin when he went down? I think this season is the beginning of a big turn around! Lebron is gone & thank goodness so is Ireland!! Players did not even want to come here after his fabulous interview with....America's team receiver(??)
You think about it! When someone want's to get a team in south FL to the top, They do what it takes & they do it quick: Dolphins 1st year 1966; 1st SB, 1971 & win the next 2! Marlins established in 1993; 1st World Series & WS victory, 1997 & again in 2003. Miami Heat 1st year 1987; they were the slowest yet they have the most rings as I write this, 3 in 27 years!


@KNick - The national sports media in this country is focused on the North East and little else.

The reason why Miami is ranked so low is that the "experts" know nothing about the team beyond Tannehill (who was over-hyped in the draft) and whatever controversy gets traction.

I like what Hicky and the coaching staff did this year. Is seems very no-nonsense/ The coaching and front office look in sync for once. The draft picks made sense. The FA pickups addressed holes quickly. Cutting Thomas and Egnew were a sign that the team was not afraid to admit past drafting mistake, which is a problem this team has had since Parcells showed up. We'll see in time if this philosophy holds for Hicky's picks or he is just going to dump Ireland's trash, but so far, so good.

Anyway, no way for anyone to have predicted the direction Hicky would go, and so the media went with its default "not from the North East, then it sucks" approach.


IN SYNC for once, for a very long time! I hear ya!!


I think you make a great point Lawerence, We really are only one of a handful of teams in the NFL right now that could lose our starting QB and still have a competitive football team. A lot of the media is always looking for negative spins mainly because they are not fans like us and trying to write something they think will get more readers.


I was gonna write reason's why it's a bad thing. Instead I think I'll agree with Belichick playing Gronkowski for the entire game. I think it's a good idea and one that will surely help the Patriots beat the Phin's on opening day!!!!
Don't bite Philbin, keep your game plan!!