Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Have your camp questions been answered??

Earlier at the beginning of camp, I posted my questions and asked for yours also. Well have they been answered? Do you have new questions? I would love to hear your comments, input, and questions! Here are mine that are new or have yet to be answered:

Earlier I said that I believed Sam Brenner will win the starting center job until Pouncey returns. That is out the door now that the Phins signed Samson Satele as he is a virtual lock to win the job until Pouncey can return...

A new concern that came up was that Tannehill threw 6 INTs in just 2 practices. Are you worried about that? It was reported that this was partially due to experimentation with new routes and the fact that he has thrown more than normal passes due to backup and 3rd string QB injuries. Thoughts?...

Knowshon Moreno is officially off the PUP list now and will push Lamar Miller for starting duties. I still believe that Miller is still better suited for this offense. The question is, can Miller be a legitimate pass blocker/blitz pickup back on obvious passing downs and on 3rd down. This is something that can determine who starts and who sits or if it will be split etc etc etc.

Does Miami have the best CB duo in the league or at least the AFC. SERIOUSLY?! Cortland Finnegan has been an absolute beast in camp. He is staying healthy and even mentors the younger defensive backs. Most importantly, he is keeping his mouth shut and just playing football. That signing where Hickey got blasted by everyone isn't looking so bad now is it?! Your thoughts...?

More on the defense. Does Miami have a top 3 defensive line in the NFL? It is certainly debatable. This is a very deep talented group. You lose very little talent if one goes down or gets subbed out and all are playing at a very high level. What do you think?

As mentioned above, in my opinion our defensive line is probably the best unit on the entire team. So with that it's obvious that they will eat the offensive line's lunch almost every practice. My question is, how much do you read into the offensive line struggles through camp so far? In reality you do have wake going against rookie JuWuan James. There is an obvious mismatch across the whole line in favor of the defense so is our line really looking that bad?

Those are a few of my thoughts so far in camp. I would love to hear your thoughts and questions as well. Thanks for reading!


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I am not too concerned about the INT's. They have been doing their installs in camp right now and T'Hill is working on his play speed so you have to expect he is going to throw some. Along those lines a veteran like Finnegan is going to get some takeaways. Finnegan is a solid CB when healthy. I hope they really limit him and Grimes in the preseason. Taylor and Davis can use the experience and I want to see them matching up with starting WR's while Grimes and Finnegan are saved for the regular season. Our D-Backs are upgraded for sure this year. Out D-Line is solid for sure. In fact every team in the AFC East has a solid D-Line.


We shall find out about the O-Line come Friday night. But they are a work in progress. Hopefully Atlanta doesn't blitz.

Our D should be fine as long as Misi performs well and we stuff the run.

My only concern with Tannehill is hooking up with Wallace on a consistent basis by completing 40% of deep balls. Not all will be TDs but they gotta get consistent.

The only major concern I have with the team as a whole is staying healthy. We lost 2 good guys right now for extended time with Pouncey's hip and Jordan's suspension. I don't want to jinx anyone, but, there are 3 guys we just cannot afford to lose.

I am slightly concerned with the uptempo offense. If we dont get some first downs, the D will be on the field quite a bit sooner and longer than if we huddled up which could cause them to wear down.


I agree with all of that Carl. But if all goes well, this can be a very surprising team

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