Thursday, August 07, 2014

Dolphins Vs Falcons

Finally, something other than practice to watch for the Dolphins! It was a LONG offseason after those final two loses last season.  In my opinion this team has more depth than in past years and there are several positions and players to keep an eye during the Atlanta game.  For those of you that are not up to speed on training camp here is my top 5 cheat sheet of what to watch for during the game. For those of you that have been following the team, what are your picks to watch?

1.)    Right Guard – This position is wide open for grabs and we have three players in the mix for it. Dallas Thomas is starting but he is neck and neck with rookie draft pick Billy Turner.  Along with them you have the free agent acquisition Shelly Smith. All three players fit this offense much better than John Jerry and there is not a clear cut favorite at this time.  We should see some quality guard play going to later in the game.

2.)    Running Back – Lamar Miller is the leader at running back and I don’t expect to see K Moreno in this game since he just is getting back on the field from an injury.  Daniel Thomas is hurt (and seriously on the bubble at this point) This game is an enormous opportunity for Mike Gillislee and Damien Williams. This is their chance to earn the #3 spot or possibly #4 spot on the roster.

3.)    Linebackers – Koa Misi is in the middle of the field now and this will be a first glimpse to see how he looks in the position change.  Also the depth at linebacker has become interesting Chris McCain is an interesting prospect that is tall, fast, and can hit hard. He is making his way up the depth chart. Along with him we have Jelani Jenkins and new comer Jordon Tripp.  I am interested in all three of these guys and expect to see some solid linebacker play later into the game by them.

4.)    Wide Receiver – We are going to see what I think appears to be our best WR core since the 80’s.  Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, Brandon Gibson, and exciting rookie Jarvis Landry appear to have the top 4 spots locked down. After them Rishard Mathews, Damian Williams, Armon Bins, and rookie Matt Hazel are in a battle for 1-2 roster spots.  You have to expect them to make some big plays as Atlanta puts in their backups. There is a lot on the line in this game for these guys

5.)    Tight End – We have Charles Clay and we lets see…..I already said we have Charles Clay right? In training camp Dion Sims appears to be moving up the get the #2 TE spot.  Charles Clay is banged up and so is Michael Agnew. Dion will be playing with the starters and this is his chance to move into the lead as the #2 TE on the team. We really need a #2 to step up, will Dion do it?

Also, I am going to be at practice on Sunday after the preseason game. I am going to send out some live updates as I expect things will get changed up at some positions after this game. You can follow these on my twitter feed if you are hungry for information. My Twitter tag is @Gofins4SB
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Very nice article GoFins! I would have to say I will be watching the entire offense as a whole. They will be cut blocking which is something they do not do in practice for the sake of injuries. I also want to see if Tannehill is quicker on his decision making. I will also be very interested in the CB play, who will be our nickel? It should be a very interesting game, I hope The first stringers get an extra series or two more than normal, they need it.


Hope the Phins can work some of the kinks and get the franchise on the rise again

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The key for me is:
Keeping Tannehill upright with no hits so he gets very comfortable with the new offense.
The linebackers being able to pass defend.
Jordan constantly pressuring the QB.
Some ball hawking in the secondary.
Short yardage rushing for first downs.
And finally, we get out healthy.


Should be very interesting to watch Tannehll guys! This is not a playbook install in practice. This is a game plan so we should be seeing some quick and accurate throws. I feel like he is right at the brink of going to the next level of QB play and we should be seeing that in this game.