Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dolphins Vs Buc Watch List

The 2nd preseason game is now up next for the Dolphins.  For those of you not following day to day, here are some of the top things to be watching for in the game.

Quarterback – Brady Quinn was added this week. As of right now Matt Moore is ahead of him on the roster.  I don’t see that changing however, if Matt Moore plays poor and Brady Quinn lights up the score board, that could make things very interesting. Brady Quinn is far more affordable and if he were able to fill the #2 QB role it would literally save enough salary cap space to secure a starting player in 2015.

Running Back – K. Moreno has been working back into shape and I expect he will get some carries in this game to see how far along he is. Also Damien Williams has been coming on strong to the point I think he has passed Daniel Thomas on the depth chart. Daniel Thomas is not expected to play and if Damien Williams plays well this could be the game he secures a roster spot.

Wide Receiver – Rishard Mathews has moved into the lead for the 5th WR spot.   With Matt Moore and Brady Quinn playing we should get a better chance to evaluate some of the other wide outs. Will any of them get back into the chase for the 5th spot?

Linebackers – The linebackers did not do a good job tackling against Atlanta. They need to rebound with a strong game or you are going to see Miami start to make changes to the starters.

Dline- Tampa’s Oline is a mess right now. Miami’s talented Dline should be able to control the line of scrimmage and get heat on the QB. In particular I expect key back-ups like Anthony Johnson and Dion Jordon to play well against Tampa’s back-ups.

O-Line – Tampa has a solid Dline and should give our new Oline a tough test. It will be interesting to see how the right side of our line performs in this game.

Kicking – Sturgis should be back kicking in this game. He had a sub par rookie season and I am eager to see him hit some kicks here in the preseason.
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Should be a very good game to sort out and finalize some of these questions about who stays, who goes. Also who is the backup and what works.