Friday, August 08, 2014

Dolphins Starting Units Preseason Game One - Quick Shot


Lamar Miller - looked like a completely different back. He ran with speed, power and was catching well out of the backfield. Very Sharp! – Grade A

Ryan Tannehill - Looked Great! Throwing different depths and moving around. Could not ask for more. – Grade A

O-Line - Looked good in Pass Pro and was able to convert a 3rd and short in a 3 WR set.  Grade B

Gibson and Mathews - Made the big plays moving around. Mathews making a good case he is the 5th WR. – Grade A


Linebackers – Struggling (as they have for years) with small quick running backs in a dome. Knucklehead shot to the head on Wheeler.  Had trouble running down backs. Grade D

D-Line – Good penetration and QB pressure. Starks blew up a play. Jordon’s talent is obvious. Grade B

D-Backs – Got hit with the new contact rule. Although they gave up receptions the coverages were generally tight.  Almost picked off a pass.  Not bad considering first preseason against Matt Ryan and Roddy White. – Grade C

Will give some other updates soon – Starters are already being pulled
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Thanks for the update GoFins. The game don't air here in New Mexico until tomorrow morning. One question I have for you, did the first team offense okay with good "tempo"?


They did Lawrence. The Falcons looked like they did not know what hit them


Even thought the Falcons's scored in their first drive they also were helped with penalties and had LONG drives. Kinda of like a Tony Sporano type drive. Those are great when they work but it is hard to execute 15 play drives consistent. So I thought the D was not too bad overall considering that


Not to bad for the first game and lots of players to look at. Now we need to figure out who to keep and start gelling as a team.