Monday, August 18, 2014

Changing of the Guard in Miami

Having Mike Pouncey injured is not a good thing to be sure. He is a pro bowl center and a player we need in there to improve our line play.  With that being said it might have not been a completely bad thing when it occurred.  I say this because the after math of the Pouncey injury led to the Dolphins signing Daryn Colledge. So far through the preseason he has been the best guard on the team and has helped to bring some veteran stability to the line. Keep in mind Miami’s plan at guard prior to getting Colledge was to pick two starters from Dallas Thomas, Shelly Smith and Billy Turner.  Coming into the Tampa Bay game Dallas Thomas was holding on to the starting guard spot on the right side. After Gerald McCoy dominated in the game the new right guard is now Shelly Smith.  It will be hard to judge if Smith is truly an upgrade because Dallas does not have a Gerald McCoy on their team to test him.  However, it is possible we may not even be having that discussion if Colledge was not on the team. Smith would probably be the left guard. That prospect could be kinda of scary right not considering how much Thomas struggled.  Furthermore, Pouncey is a big center and can handle D-Tackles better than Satele. he very well may have been able to cover up Thomas’s struggle a bit more allowing the team to go into the regular season before an issue at guard was exposed.  So now the question in my mind is if it is time to consider getting another solid veteran guard in a trade?

Earlier I wrote an article about how well Dennis Hickey did acquiring players like Chris McCain, Damien Williams(RB),  Terrence Fede, and Anthony Johnson. This may be the time to cash in on some of that success and look a trade partner as well.   Here is a list of players I would considering offering for veteran tackle for depth or veteran guard to compete on the right side.

Derrick Shelby – Solid Young Defensive End – With Fede flashing could they afford to swap him for a guard? I like Shelby a lot but I feel like the team as whole would be better with a solid starting guard.

Daniel Thomas – I think he has already been beat out by Damien Williams.  He is a big back that is still young enough to put in several quality seasons.  He would have value from a team thin in the backfield.

Matt Moore – Yes  I know this would be high risk as he is capable of leading the team if Tannehill goes down. But I ask you would Tannehill be as  likely to go down if we had a solid right guard in return for him?

Dion Jordon – Obviously with him still trying to settle in at DE and now with a four game suspension people are thinking trade him. But I personally think his current value vs his upside would make it hard to trade him now and get the correct compensation for him.

Let me know what you think or who you would consider trading to add more competition at right guard.
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I would say trade Thomas if possible, keep Moore and Jordon. I see an upside in Moore and Jordon. A little insurance in Moore and a wait and see with Jordon.


I agree Payrick , it would have to be one hell of a player to trade Moore. Thomas has pretty low grade value. Backs just don't hold much value. So I doubt we could get anything better than we already have for him


Trade none thomas just needs to get a little stronger and adjust his technique. Due to injuries last year in addition to lack of strength cause dolphins to mot play him for the year thomas didnt prepare enough he put himself in this situation. Jordan just needs to be utilized properly. At olb to rush and pass cover tight ends. Look at rookie chris mccain for example. He has done well and outplayed veteran phillip wheeler.


1) Jordan's signing bonus would accelerate to this year's cap, IIRC, which makes him virtually untradeable.
2) Thomas for an OG better than what the 'Phins already have on the team? Sounds Madden Football-ish wishful thinking to me. GM of the year honors for Hickey if he could actually pull something like that off.
3) I don't see the 'Phins trading Moore when their only experienced back-up QB is Quinn.
4) DE, especially those with some pass rush ability, tend to be valued more than OG and considering he's stuck behind Wake and Oliver might ease some of a potential trade partner's concern as to why he's not starting. Furthermore, DL is probably the 'Phins' deepest area (although a good case might be made for WR). If there is a player for player trade, it would probably have to involve someone from one of those two spots.