Friday, August 08, 2014

Boy, Are We Gonna Be Well Rested For Green Bay!

And I am not talking about coming off the bye.

No.  I am talking about how another defensive player has decided to risk his livelihood in order to keep his livelihood.

By now you may have heard that Reshad Jones has joined Dion Jordan on the "Mentally Unable To Make The Right Choice" list by being suspended for our first four games for, can you imagine, violating the league's performance-enhancing drugs policy.

Now I hate to point fingers at anyone and Reshad Jones and Dion Jordan are certainly not the first, nor the last, players to get caught with their hands in the supplement jar.

Just read the transactions column in your local paper's sports section.  The NFL announces their suspensions along with the teams' announcements of their player transactions.

Each week another one bites the dust.  Or drinks it for that matter.

Now you have to figure a 5th year vet has some inkling as to what is ok to take and what is not ok to take.    

There has to be some sort of scuttle butt in the locker room.  Beyond bullying of course.

Someone, somewhere, should have the flyer that reads  DO NOT TAKE  handy.  I wouldn't doubt its pinned up somewhere in the locker room.  It is there to make players aware of what they shouldn't be putting in their bodies.

That's a good idea.

Unless you decide not to review it.  Or even worse, not to follow it to the letter.

There has to be some benefit for someone to completely ignore the flyer hanging under a bright spotlight with flashing arrows pointing at it.

There is.  Its to keep their job.

Most supplements aren't taken to make you a better player.  They are taken to make you a better healer.

And I can understand why some players choose to ignore the warnings. 

They feel the threat of losing their jobs.

Each year the teams try to create depth and competition by bringing in some new guys to push the old guys and make the team as a whole...better.

Simple math.

The problem with this equation is that when a veteran feels like his job might not be his job if he gets banged up and doesn't get back on the field quickly enough, he may and some do, resort to mother's little helpers.

I am not sure that these supplements are found on the shelf at Wal-Mart with those jugs of whey protein.  I am not sure where the players get them.

But they do.

And some get caught.

I do not know the exact motivation behind Jordan and Reshad's decisions to take what they did.

Jordan is young enough and Jones should be smart enough.

So we are dealing with a full spectrum of a player's experience here to see that this issue is not limited to only long time vets trying to hang on.

I am sure the league is doing the right thing by outlawing certain supplements.  I am not advocating a "Just Do It" policy since some players are going to take them despite the league's efforts so you might as well let them all take them.

And I doubt, supplemental enhancing will ever stop occurring in the future. 

You have to figure that a player has got to look at a situation were if they don't get back on the field, they could lose their job if someone, younger and cheaper, can do it just as well, if not better.

So why not risk the four games? 

If I sit out on my own for a couple weeks to heal, I could lose my job.  So I might as well take what I can to get back out there and risk getting caught so that I can build value and keep my job.

If I get caught, then I can rest and heal.  More importantly to the player, its better to risk losing 4 weeks pay than all the pay.

So if these players seem idiotic to you for getting caught, they are probably applying the probabilities of getting caught multiplied by losing their jobs.

They may be smarter than we think when one of them finally wins a Fields Medal for math.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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Hey Carl! On an unrelated note from your post...YOU GOT YOUR OPENING DRIVE TD WISH!!!


I watched Phillbin's Press Conference and he was pretty clear they remind players over and over they are responsible for what they put in their bodies. It is hard to say if they are actually "unaware" or if they are just getting caught. I always think back to how baseball changed when Sosa, McGuire, Bonds etc broke all those records and appears and were using supplements to do it. You have to have a baseline that makes it an evening playing field. So I understand why the NFL is so strict. As you said players are being caught on several teams. For example if the Dolphins did not select Jordon and took Lane Johnson they would be in the same boat. To this point the Dolphins have been lucky. Jimmy Wilson is a solid player and I think he will be able to hold down the fort. Also Jones is a big salary player so it will help give us more cap space into next year. However, the Dolphins really need to be talking to their trainers and getting a handle on this. We can't afford to be losing players like this...